P4.16 Outdoor LED Module

The P4.16 Outdoor LED Screen Panel makes easy and seamless splicing and is ideal for 3D LED display outdoors. Apart from the pliable module, it also has easy operation and supports various control systems and software.

The P4.16 Outdoor LED Module is done out of premium components and materials, and when it comes to cabinet design, we can make it custom-made for you. It is also one of the most affordable LED products in the market.

It comes with a 3-5 year warranty, and YUCHIP makes sure to provide you with comprehensive operational guides and manuals.

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P4.16 Outdoor LED Module Specification

Pixel Pitch (mm)


Pixel Configuration



3 in 1

Colors Matches


Module Resolution (WxH)

64 x 32

32 x 32

Module Size (mm)

320 x 160

160 x 160

P4.16 Outdoor LED Display Specification

Pixel Density(pixel/m²)



≥7500 (adjustable)

Brightness Adjusted

256 grade by software or by Auto-optic induced

View Angle

Horizontal 140°; Vertical 140°

Best Viewing Distance (m)


Communication Distance(m)

<100meter by Internet Cable(without Relay; Multimode fiber cable < 500m; Single-mode fiber cable < 20km

Display Work Method

1/8 Scan

LED Driving Method

Constant driving current

Color Contrast Ratio


Gray Grade


Display Color

439, 804, 651, 110

Refresh Frequency (Hz)

≥1920, ≥3840 Optional

Picture Display Method

Intellective control technology, test-itself technology, correct technology, Synchronization Control

Input Signal

DVI (S-VIDEO, CVBS, DP, HDMI, VGA, PAL/NTSC, etc. through Video processor converting)

System Operating


Control System

Novastar, Linsn, LEDvision, LEDset

Front/Rear IP Level


Working Temperature (ºc)


Stored Temperature (ºc)


Operation Humidity (RH)


Display Lifetime (hours)

Ten years or more (natural environment)

100000 hours (ideal environment)


Rear / Front side

Working Voltage

AC110 / AC220V±10% 47~63Hz

Power Consumption

Max: 700W/㎡ ; Ave:250W/㎡

Out Of Controlled Dot

≤3/10,000 (Out of controlled dots means the pixels of which the brightness and the wavelength are both >10% depart from the normal one)



The P4.16 Outdoor LED Screen Panel has the following features:

  • Waterproof Design


The P4.16 Outdoor LED Display Panel has waterproof protection, IP65. It ensures that the LED product will not malfunction even under various and extreme weather conditions. Besides being waterproof, it is also dustproof and may be corrosion-resistance depending on the material used. 

  • Quality Materials/ Components

It is made out of premium materials and components. Its diodes or lamps use Nationstar LED, a reliable and popular brand in China. 

Also, in case you opt for a different material or component, you may ask us to arrange the specifications and options for you. 

  • User-friendly Software


The P4.16 Outdoor LED Screen Panel supports different software and control systems in the market. Also, it ensures you secure content saving and makes tremendous and easy operations. 

  • 3-5 Year Warranty

YUCHIP will provide you with a comprehensive guide for operation, system performance, and other product features. Along with that, we give you the utmost warranty services. 


You’ll find the P4.16 Outdoor LED Module in the following series of LED display products and solutions that we have. Also, when it comes to sizes, materials, and brand components, you may ask us to customize it for you so you can meet your desired project outcomes. 

Rental LED Display Z Series
Rental LED Display Z Series


Are you looking for a great partner you can count on when you need an LED display for multiple applications? Do you need a reliable companion for your outdoor projects? YUCHIP can be your best and most dependable provider, manufacturer, and supplier. 

We have various partners and distributors from across the globe. Should you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach us through the following links below or message us at manager@yuchip.com

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(P4 Outdoor LED Display)

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