P4 LED Screen Outdoor Rental

Outdoor Rental P4 LED Screen adopts a unique narrow frame design.  The ultra-slim cabinet thickness is only 80mm, and the ultra-lightweight cabinet is only 7kg.  As a result, the P4 LED screen is easy to install, dismantle, and transport to any event.


  • Super Light Technical

Outdoor and indoor rental P4 LED screen adopts narrow frame design, cabinet thickness only 80mm, can easily carry and light cabinet only 13kg, easy to install and transportation costs saving.

  • Extreme Precision

Die casting aluminum cabinet, each cabinet tolerance only 0.01mm.

Cabinet splicing structure with positioning function uses alignment pin and alignment hole design to connect and install.

The whole screen’s flatness and seam are less than 0.05mm.

Humanization handlebar design makes it easier to move the cabinet.

  • World Vision

Vertical 160, horizontal 120 viewing visual, making your P4 LED screen have a larger viewing area.

It can get high-quality viewing information in whatever direction you are.

  • High-definition Picture

P4.81 outdoor LED display has high refresh/high contrast; can reach 16 bit, giving you colorful viewing sensory.

Pixel Pitch


Pixel Configuration


Panel Resolution (mm)

104 x 104

Panel Dimension (mm)

500 x 500

Panel Area 

0.5 ㎡

Panel Weight (kg)


LED Quantity/Panel


Brightness (cd/㎡)

≥4500 nits(adjustable)

Brightness Adjustment

256 level

Viewing Angle (H/V)


Shortest Viewing Distance


Display Work Method



(P4.8 Outdoor Rental HD LED Display)

P4 LED Screen: Ultimate FAQ Guide


1. What Is A P4 LED Screen?


P4 LED Screen

(P4 LED Screen for Asean Summit 2013)

P4 means that the spatial distance between each LED light is 4 millimeters (mm). The rule is simple when the pixel pitch is lower, the pixel density of your LED screen is higher. That means that your LED screen would be more precise for close viewing. And LED screens with lower pixel pitch are generally more expensive than those with higher pixel pitch.

Yuchip P4 HD LED screen has a screen area of 4m by 2m and a module size of 256 mm by 128mm. You can opt to have it installed indoors and outdoors. Either way, P4 LED screens will deliver superior performance.

P4 LED screen panels have the most convenient design ideal for fixed installation. It can be customized to form both standard and irregular shapes and sizes to meet the varying requirements of its many users.

It delivers ultra-clear, bright-colored images that will surely give your audience an enhanced visual experience. It is perfect for stage designs, multi-function exhibition halls, celebration parties, and many more.

THE P4 LED screen is camera-friendly. You do not have to worry about camera shooting during live events because it has a high refresh rate for excellent visual display effects.


2. What Are The Main Features of P4 LED Screens?


P4 LED Panel Price

(P4 LED Panel in America)

The P4 LED Screen is one of the most chosen LED screens because it delivers superb indoor and outdoor performance. Here are some of the main features of the P4 screen:

Durable and Slim Cabinet. P4 LED display has a die-casting frame design for precise connection and easy installation. The cabinet is robust and tough enough not to get easily damaged. Its cabinet is excellently engineered to have both durability and functionality.

Super High Resolution. It offers high resolution and adequate brightness that ensures your audience a perfect viewing experience for the RGB wall panel LED P4. You can have vividly sharp picture displays on your digital screen.

High-Level Color Uniformity. THE P4 LED screen is equipped with color correction technology to reach the highest level of uniformity of screen colors. It delivers sharp and clear images, as well as high high-definition effects.

High Reliability and Multiple Connectivity. The P4 LED screen has a life span of more than 100,000 hours. It also has multiple input connections for easy playing of file content. It can be controlled remotely via a Wi-fi connection or 4G data connection. It is a reliable LED screen for showcasing various dynamic visual ranges.


3. What Can I Expect From a P4 LED Screen?


P4 LED Screen Resolution

(P4 LED Wall in Singapore)

Full Color LED Display. P4 LED screen is powered with the most advanced LED technology that offers 3-in-1 RGB colors to produce colorful and realistic display images. It allows you to showcase screen displays with rich color, high resolution, and high saturation. It gives your audience a practically authentic visual experience. It gives you a perfect opportunity to express your creativity and impress your target viewers.

Higher Reliability. The P4 LED screen panels have adopted distributed scanning technology for higher reliability and modular design technology for better stability. The P4 LED screens are also manufactured using high-quality materials such as HQ IC chips and a no-noise power supply. It uses a lightweight steel frame for easy installation.

High Flatness and Seamless Splicing. The module flatness coefficient of the P4 LED display module is around <0.5mm. It has a splicing gap of more or less 0.1mm only.

Good Image Quality from Far and Near Distances. The LED P4 pixel value is an ideal pixel density suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The image quality remains clear, and the animation effects are vivid.

Easy Operation and Maintenance. The P4 LED screen supports a universal video playback software tool, and It can keep both asynchronous and synchronous control cards for a more convenient setup operation.


4. What Is The P4 LED Screen Size? Is It Customizable?


(4 Sides P4 LED Screen, Front Service )

The cabinet size of each P4 LED screen panel is 512mm by 512 mm.

The good news is that the P4 LED wall has adopted a modular technology to allow every user to meet their LED wall display requirements. LED walls are formed by attaching multiple P4 LED screens.

Thanks to its seamless splicing feature, it lets you have a big seamless LED screen. Once connected, the P4 LED panels used are configured to function as one screen.

Having this said, the P4 indoor LED display and P4 outdoor LED display sizes are customizable. You can have a P4 LED wall that is tailored fit to your wall or glass facade.

However, please expect that the bigger you want your LED wall, the more expensive it becomes. Since a more prominent LED display requires more LED panels, the production, and materials cost also increase.

If you need assistance in determining the perfect P4 LED screen size for your event, store, office, or building, you may reach out to us, and we will assist you.

We can also provide you with a customized LED screen solution matched to your needs and requirements.


5. What Are The Specifications Of A P4 LED Screen?


We offer P4 LED screen rentals for indoor use. If you have an upcoming event and need an LED digital display screen, our P4 LED screen would be perfect for that. Our P4 LED screen display rental is thin and lightweight and delivers HD visual displays.

P4 Indoor LED Display Full Specifications:

P4 Indoor LED Module Parameters

P4 LED Indoor LED Screen Rental Specifications
Pixel Pitchmm4
Module Resolution Ratedots32 x 64
Module Sizemm256 x 128
Pixel Color1R1G1B
Pixel LED ConfigurationSMD2121
Working VoltageVolts (V)DC5V
Driving ICMBI5025
Driving way1/16
LED Cabinet ParameterCabinet MaterialsAluminum
Cabinet Weightkg8kg/cabinet
Resolution Ratemm128 x 128
Cabinet Sizemm512 x 512 x 85 (H x L x D)
Module Quantity1 x 2
Densitydots/m262 500
White BalanceCD/ m2800
Color TemperatureK6500K – 11000K
Viewing Angle°H:140°; V:140°
Module Intervalmm<0.3mm
Maximal Power ConsumptionW/ m2900
Average Power ConsumptionW/ m2300
Frame Frequency RateHz60
Refresh Frequency RateHz1920
Grayscale Gradebit14
Working temperature-10℃ – +40℃
Protection GradeIP30

If you want to know more about our P4 LED screen products, please feel free to send us a message.

We have a wide range of P4 LED screens for indoor, outdoor, and rent purposes. Message us to learn more.


6. Where Is The P4 LED Screen Commonly Used?


(P4 Indoor LED Display Philippine Restaurant)

Since P4 LED screens are applicable for indoor and outdoor use, you can expect a wide range of possibilities on how you can utilize them. We listed down below some of the possible applications of P4 LED screens. Feel free to discover them.

Indoor Applications:

Hotel Lobby. THE P4 LED screen is perfect for promoting your hotel services and/or keeping your guests entertained.

Meeting Room. You can now make every meeting more exciting by providing your team with high-quality visual displays.

Theatre. P4 LED wall is helpful during theatre shows. It provides dramatic illumination on the stage, and it gives the audience a better and improved viewing experience.

Indoor Stadiums. P4 LED screens used in stadiums help the spectators to see every action of the game. Its HD quality will give them a realistic view of what’s going on in the game.

Shopping Malls. LED P4 is widely used in many shopping malls. It became a perfect digital channel to deliver advertising and marketing content. The creative contents of LED screens also help in inviting more guests.

Galleries. P4 Screen displays are used in many galleries to showcase different masterpieces in HD quality. The high-quality visual and graphic effects produced by these screens contribute positively to the sophisticated ambiance of art galleries.

Sports Facilities. P4 LED screens are ideal for displaying live sports feeds or displaying game-related information such as scores and players’ names.

P4 LED screens are also helpful for banks, trade show halls, nightclubs, casinos, and many more.

Outdoor Applications.

Bus stations. P4 screens are also ideal for transport stations. It can command attention amidst the noise of a busy crowd. It is a great way to effectively deliver a message and brand promotion or as wayfinding for passengers.

School Field. P4 LED screens in demand in school fairs. It gives the students and faculty creative and enjoyable audiovisual displays.

Parks and Gardens. P4 LED can light up public parks and gardens fashionably and profitably. LED screens both serve commercial and public general service purposes.

Roadsides. P4 LED screens alto low you to deliver an eye-catching display that will get passersby or commuters’ attention.

Other outdoor applications of P4 LED screens include railways, convenience store signs, building exterior walls, etc.


7. What Is The Difference Between P3, P4, And P5 LED Screens?


P4 LED Wall Specifications

(P4 Indoor LED Screen in School Stage)

The dot pitch is the distinguishing factor of these three LED screens. The pixel pitch plays a vital role in choosing which LED screen is right for you.

Here are their differences:

Viewing Distance. In terms of viewing distance, the P5 has the longest optimal viewing distance. One way to compute the optimal viewing distance for each screen is to multiply the pixel pitch by 8. The unit used for this formula is feet (ft.).

Pixel Pitch          Formula   Optimal Viewing Distance

3mm                   3 x 8                 24 feet

4mm                   4 x 8                 32 feet

5mm                   5 x 8                 40 feet

Note. The measurements above are just rough estimates. There are various ways on how to measure the viewing distance for each LED screen. Contact your LED provider today to learn more.

Price. In terms of their market prices, the P3 LED screen is the most expensive. Here’s why. The dot pitch refers to the distance between the LED lights embedded in each screen. A smaller distance means that there are more LED beads used to fill the whole screen panels. Therefore, P3 LED screens use more LED lights compared to P4 and P5 LED screens.

Brightness. Screens that are intended for longer viewing distances tend to have higher brightness. With that simple analogy, you can expect that the P5 LED screen is the brightest among the three.


8. Does The P4 LED Screen Have a Good Resolution?


P4 LED Wall

(P4 LED Panel in Conference Room)

LED screens are designed to provide their users and viewers with a high-resolution visual display.

Each LED screen has an exact pixel pitch value that will tell you its pixel density, which will help you determine the recommended viewing distance for that screen.

For example, the ideal viewing distance for a P4 LED screen is around 4 meters to 13 meters (approximate). If you install your P4 LED screen within this distance, your audience will receive a high-definition LED resolution that they can enjoy.

To answer the question, yes, the P4 LED screen offers a good screen resolution when used within the proper distance.

However, if your audience is closer than the minimum viewing distance specified, it may cause visual discomfort.

Moreover, if you install it farther than the maximum viewing distance, the LED might not deliver an excellent full-color display from the vantage point of your audience.

If you expect your audience to be outside the optimal distance for the P4 LED screen, you will need to use an LED screen with a higher pixel pitch.


9. Do LED P4 Have a Long Lifespan?


P4 LED Module

(LED P4 for Night Club )

The P4 LED screen has 100,000 hours lifespan. It is equivalent to more than ten (10) years.

This lifetime of LED screens is based on excellent working conditions. So, if installed in a cool, dry place and cleaned and maintained regularly, it may even last longer.

On the other hand, the LED screen may have a shorter lifespan when not used properly. This includes excessive operating hours and having no regular maintenance. Installing your LED screens in a location with a too-harsh environment can make your LED screen last short.

Other factors that affect the lifespan of your LED screen are materials used, installation process, production process, and transportation.

Make sure to transact with a trusted and reliable supplier or LED screen to guarantee that you will get high-quality LED screens that will last longer.


10. Why Is It Wise To Invest In A P4 LED Screen?


P4 LED Screen Size

(Rental P4 LED Screen for Car Exhibition)

LED screens have become an essential investment for it is a cheaper and more reliable audiovisual display that serves both your advertising and personal needs.

The world is now leaning towards digital transformation more than ever. Here are some of the reasons why a P4 LED screen is a wise investment:

Practical. The LED screen display is straightforward to set up and use. It allows you to deliver different motion and static visual displays that will interest your audience and prospective customers. There is easily downloadable software that lets you manage your content remotely effortlessly.

Functional. P4 LED screens can serve many purposes. You can use it for commercial use, personal use, public service use, or decorative purposes. You may opt to have it set up indoors or outdoors.

Low Maintenance. Once installed, the LED screen does not need too much technical attention. Software failure and fault lights are unlikely to happen. If ever, a simple software update or isolated bulb replacement will keep your LED screen back on track.

Cost-Efficient. The LED screen will help you save more money in the long run. There is no need to rent billboards or pay for airtime constantly. P4 LED screen will help you increase your sales margin. Saving money does not mean compromising your brand visibility. LED screens let you have both. The LED screen also consumes less energy compared to a traditional projector.


11. How Much Is The P4 LED Video Wall?


If you want to get an actual price estimate for your LED video wall project using P4 LED screen panels, message us today.

Send your needs and requirements for your LED project, and we can send you a price quote. If you are still unsure about what you need, do not worry because we can guide you throughout.

P4 LED panel price varies depending on whether it is for indoor or outdoor use. We need to know your exact needs to part with LED display solutions that are absolute for you.

We can guarantee that we provide high-quality P4 LED screen products and services for a very reasonable price.

To learn more about our products and services pricing, email us at manager@yuchip.com.


12. Is There a Rental P4 LED Screen?

P4 Indoor LED Module

(P4 LED Screen Rental for Mobile Phone Industry Conference)

YUCHIP offers a rental P4 outdoor LED display and a rental P4 indoor LED display.

Out LED screen products are meant to have an ultra-thin and lightweight design perfect for rental purposes. P4 Rental LED screen panels to have unique and compact cabinets for easy, safe, and convenient installation both indoor and outdoor.

Our Rental LED screens are also equipped with interlocks and a fast lock mechanism for quick installation.

Our rental P4 LED screens produce truly astounding and stunning images in HD quality. It is perfect for your events if you want to impress your audience with high-quality, creative display content.

P4 LED screens are easy to operate and use for hassle-free management during your event.

For further inquiries regarding our P4 LED screen rentals, message us on our website or email us at manager@yuchip.com.

We have the perfect high-quality and reliable P4 Rental LED screens for your every need.


13. Where Can I Get A High-quality P4 LED Screen?



(High-quality LED P4 for High-end Summit)

We got it all for you to look for reliable and durable P4 LED screen products and services.

YUCHIP is a provider of LED screen solutions in China. We provide LED products and services anywhere you are in the world.

We are your trusted top LED display manufacturer and supplier that will help you with your LED projects.

We provide customized and personalized LED solutions to ensure that we will meet your strict standard and requirements. Our experts in the field and highly-trained personnel will assist you every step of the way.

Our P4 LED screens are proven and tested in delivering excellent performance during various events. With our LED products, you will be able to execute your program with flying colors.

Besides that, we also provide the P4 flexible LED screen, transparent LED screen, LED poster, stage LED screen, and more.

Are you ready to start your journey with us? Message us today.

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