P5 Indoor LED Display In Shangri-La Hotel

Hotels, bars, and restaurants are fond of using LED Displays in their vicinities.

This is because LED Screens do not only improve the scene but entertain guests as well.

  • Pixel Pitch: P5
  • Pixel Configuration: SMD3528
  • Location: Shangri-La Hotel

This P5 Indoor LED Display is one of our projects under indoor LED displays. The purpose is to bring light and a more excellent ambiance to the hotel.

YUCHIP’s indoor LED display has broad application scope. It applies to advertising events, rentals, business establishments, government facilities, leisure and gambling venues, and private amenities.

Hotels, for instance, are one of the most-visited places by various kinds of people, from usual citizens to business people and other professionals.

One can have a relaxing time when there’s an exceptional entertaining ambiance in addition to the services and food. Also, LED display screens a more angular approach to tourists and visitors by showing other destination spots, exquisite food and cuisine, and various exciting activities worth a try.

(P5 Full Color Indoor HD LED Display)

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