P6.25 Indoor Rental LED Video Wall In Hungary

Indoor events wouldn’t be complete without LED displays that set an immense ambiance through lighting and a digital atmosphere.

Whatever indoor events you’ll have, indoor rental is your one-stop equipment.

  • Type: P6.25 Indoor Rental LED Display
  • Pixel Pitch: P6.25
  • Pixel Configuration: SMD3535
  • Cabinet Size: 500 x 1000mm Curtain LED Display


  • Die-casting aluminum cabinet, 16kg/cabinet;
  • Outdoor and Indoor Events and concerts application;
  • HDMI, SDI multi-signal input, support Live broadcast.

The customer is a local powerful LED rental display company that purchased 130 cabinets. The customer appreciated our products well and planned to buy another 200 cabinets.

YUCHIP’s indoor rental is one of the most appreciated products we have due to its broad applicability, convenience, and easy maintenance. You can also choose from 1.9 to 8-pixel pitches, and each cabinet comes with storage for easy transport, safety, and stability of the LED module.

(YUCHIP Indoor Rental LED Display Cabinet Fast Lock)

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