P6.25 LED Video Wall In Hungary

LED Video Wall provides you a better visual experience, be it indoors or outdoors.

On the other hand, the LED monitor produces flicker-free images and videos to help you reduce eye fatigue and other eye-related problems.

  • Type: Outdoor Rental Video Wall
  • Pixel Pitch: P6.25
  • Pixel Configuration: SMD2121
  • Location: Hungary


  • Outdoor rental LED Video Wall is working for a sports club, events, exhibition and night club, etc.;
  • It’s easy and fast to assemble and dismantle, IP65 and brightness changeable for outdoor and indoor use;
  • YUCHIP outdoor rental LED display range: P3.91, P4.8, P5.95, P6.25, P8.9, P10.4, etc.
  • 500mm x 500mm and 500mm x 1000mm cabinet size; Die-casting aluminum and extrusion aluminum cabinet material, standard and curve cabinet structure available.
  • Outdoor rentals have easier maintenance and installation; also, each cabinet comes with a storage box for safety and to avoid damage during transportation and leasing.

(P1.56 Indoor Super High Definition LED Video Display)

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