P6.25 Curved LED Panels

P6.25 Curved LED Panels utilizes die-casting aluminum and extrusion aluminum cabinet to realize a seamless concave and convexly curved screen. The curved LED display screen angle is adjustable at ±5°,±10°, and ±15°. It’s the best solution for your curved stage background design.

Curved LED Tiles have delicate features enabling you to make creative series with either inward or outward curves. Because it has waterproof properties, it is best for outdoor usage even under uncertain weather conditions.

Curved Video Wall Displays are perfect for various exhibitions, trade shows, concerts, museums, art centers, history, and other educational sites, etc.

If you’re looking for an outdoor curved screen for your creative display or exhibitions, trade shows, outdoor rental events, we have the right product for you.
The continuous innovation and expansion of flexible LED screens have also come into various pixel pitches, features, applications, and installations.
Part of this innovation is the development the introduction of P6.25 Curved LED Panels.


Features And Advantages


  • Quality Material

P6.25 Curved LED Panels utilizes die-casting aluminum and extrusion aluminum cabinet; curved cabinet, ±5°,±10°, and ±30° curve angle adjustable. It also supports hanging up by truss and stage stand installation.

YUCHIP Curved Video Wall Display has an advanced cabinet design, seamless, ensuring the entire screen’s flatness. P6.25 Curved LED Panels cabinet thickness is only 90mm.

  • High Brightness And Contrast

P6.25 Curved LED Panels have high brightness, high contrast, and high refresh rate, making the screen have no delay and smear phenomenon. Curved Video Wall Displays have a clear picture without flicker and distortion. Brightness may reach up to 1500 cd/㎡ with elastic properties. 

  • Flexibility

P6.25 Curved LED Panels are admirable. With its soft panels and modules, converting and reshaping it to convex or concave arcs is way easier and more favorable. Flexible screens give flavor, art, creativity, and an overall attractive view in an area.

  • Wide Applicability

Curved LED Tiles are perfect for various usages, such as exhibits, trade shows, public facilities, art shows, concerts, educational areas, museums, and other outdoor events, etc. It can also be for leasing services, so if you opt to lease and extend your profits, you can double or triple your return on investment.

  • Technical Support

P6.25 Curved LED Panels come with three years warranty. The product is certified by CE, Rohs, FCC, etc. Curved LED Tiles have passed various tests such as aging tests, and screen and display tests in which parameters, cabinets, features, and specifications are measured accordingly. YUCHIP also provides outstanding aftersales service with rental displays; we have technical and online support. We can also do visitation, especially when there is a need for assessment and replacement.

P6.25 Curved LED Module Parameter

Pixel Pitch (mm)


Pixel Configuration

3 in 1



Colors Matches


Module Resolution 

40 x 40

Module Pixel


Module Size (mm)

250 x 250

P6.25 Curved LED Cabinet Specification

Cabinet Size (mm)

500 x 500 x 90 and customized

Cabinet Resolution

80 x 80

Cabinet Pixels


Cabinet Material


Cabinet Weight (kg)


P6.25 Curved LED Display Specification

Pixel Density (pixel/㎡)


Brightness (cd/㎡)

≥1500 (adjustable)

Brightness Adjusted

100 grade by software or by auto-optic induced

View Angle

Horizontal 140°; Vertical 140°

Best Viewing Distance (m)


Communication Distance (m)

<100meter by Internet Cable(without Relay; Multimode fiber cable < 500m; Single-mode fiber cable < 20km

Display Work Method

1/8 Scan

LED Driving Method

Constant driving current

Color Contrast Ratio


Gray Grade


Display Color

439, 804, 651, 110

Refresh Frequency (Hz)


Picture Display Method

Intellective control technology, test-itself technology, correct technology, Synchronization Control

Input Signal

DVI (S-VIDEO, CVBS, DP, HDMI, VGA, PAL/NTSC, etc. through a video processor converting)

System Operating


Front/Rear IP Level


Control System

Novastar, Linsn, LEDvision, LEDset

Working Temperature (ºC)


Stored Temperature (ºC)


Operation Humidity (RH)


Display Lifetime (hours)

10 years or more (natural environment) 100000 hours (ideal environment)


Rear side

Working Voltage

AC110 / AC220V±10% 47~63Hz

Out Of Controlled Dot

≤3/10,000 (Out of controlled dots means the pixels of which the brightness and the wavelength are both >10% depart to the normal one)



(P6.25 LED Panels Aging Test In YuChip Workshop)

Curved LED Panels: Ultimate FAQ Guide


1. What Is A Curved LED Panel?


Display Technology has already come a long way since it was first introduced commercially in the 1920s, from the bulky monochrome display screens to flat and colorful screens.

Thanks to LED and relatively recent developments in display technology, we now have seamless curved LED displays.

Curved LED Panels use a specially designed LED module display that is flexible and supports concave and convex curvature. These flexible LED panels provide manufacturers with the ability to create curved bends around the corners of the screens.



YUCHIP Curved LED panels are made with die-cast aluminum, extrusion aluminum, and steel cabinet to achieve seamless curved screens.  Its angle is adjustable at ±5, ±10, and ±15 to suit the viewing needs of your audience.

These curved LED tiles/panels are often used in conjunction with modular LED screen panels to create a smooth transition from a flat surface to curved edges/corners. It is the perfect solution for your curved stage background design.


2. What’s The Difference Between A Regular LED Panel And A Curved LED Panel?


It is pretty simple to tell the difference between a curved LED display screen and a regular LED screen or flat LED screen.

Curved LED Tiles
Curved LED Tiles

Flat LED screens blast their lights and their image/video contents in straight lines, both at the viewers and past their sides. In this case, distortion in images is more likely to happen as some screen light will be directed away from the viewers.

On the other hand, there is significantly less distortion on a curved LED screen because its shape causes the light and images to be aimed at the viewers.

The curved LED screens are better at accommodating the natural depth of human eyesight. These screens take advantage of their shapes and force viewers to use their peripheral vision, which increases the viewer’s focus on the screen and not get easily distracted by their surroundings.

Another byproduct of these screens is the reduced glare and reflections on the screen monitors. Many researchers have claimed that curved LED screens are more ergonomically friendly than flat LED screens.


3. What Are The Unique Features Of YUCHIP Curved LED Panels?


Curved Video Wall Displays
Curved Video Wall Displays

YUCHIP curved LED panels to have delicate features that will enable you to create creative series with either outward or inward curves depending on your liking or project requirements.

And since these screens have waterproof properties, you can opt to use them in indoor and outdoor locations. They have enough protection against different weather conditions.

They are also highly adaptable to various environments. You can choose to install them around columns, use them as curved studio backdrops, organic parts of your architectural design, office hallway monitors or signages, and many more.

More interestingly, you do not have to worry about delays and smears on your LED screens as each curved LED module has high brightness, high contrast, and a high refresh rate. And most importantly, they deliver a flicker-free clear image and video quality.

If you want to know more about YUCHIP curved LED panel products, you may click on this link.


4. What Are The Applications Of Curved LED Panels?


With the advent of curved LED display screens on the market, people start to pay attention to what this type of screen offers.

Here are some of the applications of curved LED screens.

Rental Curve Display
Curved LED Display
  1. Advertising LED Screens. More and more outdoor curved LED walls are becoming common these days. Multiple LED screen panels were used to form one large advertising monitor that can capture a bigger audience.
  2. Entertainment and Cinema LED Screens. Though only a minority of entertainment hubs and movie theaters use curved LED display screens today, it is more likely to grow soon. Properly curved LED screens offer sharper and more realistic picture quality that viewers will appreciate.
  3. Offices and Conference LED Screen. Many companies these days are investing in more sophisticated LED screens that can cater to a larger audience.

Curved LED screens will undoubtedly enhance the viewing experience of your audiences. Aside from the ones mentioned above, these screens are ideal for other applications such as trade shows, concerts, universities, etc.


5. What Are the Advantages of Using Curved LED Panels?


The curved LED screen is not gaining popularity because of its aesthetically pleasing appearance only (although this appearance has something to do with the benefits people get from buying this).


  1. It offers a better viewing experience.

Curved video walls can increase the level of immersion of the viewers. The angles of the bent screens affect the way we view the images/videos projected on the monitor screen. They can make the images appear more realistic or real-life. Curved LED screens somehow allow us to see the images in three dimensions- length, width, and height.


  1. It is more eye-friendly (It provides greater eye comfort).

A Harvard Medical School study has found that the viewers of curved LED monitors report less blurred vision, eye strain, and general eye discomfort. Compared to a flat LED screen, there is less distortion on a curved LED screen because its shape agrees with the physics of light projection.


  1. It delivers better visual clarity and picture detail.

Curved LED screens have high contrast ratio, brighter colors, and a faster refresh rate for better picture and video quality. The curved LED screens are made to give their users an enhanced and improved viewing experience.


Outdoor Rental Curved
Outdoor Curved LED Wall P10


  1. It offers a broader field of view.

Because of its shape, it makes for viewers’ eyes to cover the larger field of view. It can make the curved monitor appear more significant than its actual size, which is another contributing factor that makes the viewers more immersed.


  1. It uses the most advanced technology.

Since curved LED screen display is pretty new in the market, you can expect that it utilizes the most advanced display technology available.

Curved LED screens offer higher depth and vivid image color. They guarantee smooth playback of audiovisual content. These screens also have precise screen configuration, intelligent control systems, and easy-to-manage software.


  1. It is easy to handle and install.

Our curved LED panels have an advanced cabinet that is designed for easy installation and seamless connections. It is perfect if you want to have a modular LED video wall. Your screen will look amazing from your audience’s point of view.

The thickness of the cabinet is only around 90mm. It is lightweight and easy to transport.


6. Why Should I Choose YUCHIP Curved LED Panels?

P6.25 Module
P6.25 Curved LED Video Wall


YUCHIP is one of the top curved LED display manufacturers and suppliers in China for more than 17 years already. We have been around the world providing quality LED display solutions for different applications.

Choosing YUCHIP is choosing quality that you can trust and deserve. We can help you design and create the perfect curved LED display wall suitable to your needs and requirements.

Our curved LED panels are certified by CE, Rohs, FCC, etc. They also come with a three-year warranty when you purchase them with us.

YUCHIP is known for its excellent aftersales service with high-quality LED displays. We have a team of skilled and experienced professionals and engineers who can offer you any technical and online support you will need.

And to even serve you better, we can also do site-visitation when there is a need for assessment or replacement of LED modules or panels.

If you want to learn more about our curved LED products and related services, send us a message now, and we will be happy to serve you.


7. How Can I Buy a Curved LED Video Wall?


Outdoor Curved Screen
Outdoor Curved LED Screen

You are making the right decision in choosing YUCHIP. We are your leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality LED screen displays in China since 2004.

To send an inquiry regarding our curved LED panels, you may submit your message by filling out a form you can find here.

You may also send us a direct message via email at manager@yuchip.com or WhatsApp at +86 137 98508687.


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