P6 HD LED Display In Albania

Shopping malls are one of the most crowded and most visited areas by avid city-goers.

While LED displays are pretty entertaining, it helps people appreciate malls for shopping and eating and an aesthetic value.

  • Pixel Pitch: 6
  • Pixel Configuration: SMD3528
  • Location: Albania

Shopping malls are where you’ll see large LED Displays since it is the best location for indoor advertising.

Shopping malls, coffee bars, and other leisure facilities are only a few of the best locations for LED display installation. You might ask why.

More and more people come and go to those locations, and an advertising display is necessary to expand a product or services’ prominence.

If you’re a mall-goer, for sure you’ve noticed many video walls as you pass by retail stores and some empty corridors.

You can also choose from various pixel pitches for indoor displays for your advertising needs; plus, we also customize sizes and features according to your preference.

(P6 Indoor High Resolution LED Display)

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