LED Wall Display Rental P6

LED-Wall Display Rental P6 is available for hanging up and fixed installation on stage. It has fast assembly and dismantling, movable for different locations events use.

Also, it has high brightness, high refresh rate and supports various file formats for content display.

Rent A LED Screen customization comes through a video processor (LVP605S), support PC, Laptop, Live camera, HDMI, SDI signal input, etc. Also, it has a wide application scope such as airports, banks, offices, establishments, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, and a lot more.



LED Wall Display Rental P6 has the following features.

  • Low Brightness And High Grayscale

LED Wall Display Rental P6 has a 3000:1 contrast ratio acquired with a high-quality black face Nationstar LED lamp and black mask, providing a more transparent and vivid image.

  • High Refresh Rate

Rent A LED Screen is stable, has no ripples, no flicker, displays an original and natural theme. The small pitch LED shows non-cable connectors improve stability, have easy installation, removal, and maintenance.

  • Ultra-thin Indoor Cast Aluminum

Rent A LED Screen utilizes a die-casting aluminum cabinet with 500mm*500mm*65mm. It has a 0.1mm gap line between 2 cabinets, high technology design, and overall high flatness.

  • Actual Color

A leading international technology-by-point correction reduces the use of advanced green color restores feature, fully adaptive to the human eye’s perception of color habits; thus, it is true to the nature of color.

  • Low And Stable

Using high-quality thermal grease and die-cast aluminum construction, LED Wall Display Rental P6 presents an excellent thermal performance. And without fan-assisted thermal noise, power consumption is less than 150W / box; high stability.

  • Application

You can apply the LED Wall Display Rental P6 to different locations such as the following:

  1. Airports. While waiting for flight or flight schedule, while booking and or at departure or arrival, people can watch content and entertainment through playing different advertising and informative hacks, promos, and many more.
  2. Shopping Malls. Perfect for mall exhibits, day-to-day sale promos, and product launching, LED Wall Display Rental P6 can bring you unprecedented views with its brightness, delicate color, and high resolution.
  3. Hotels And Restaurants. Hospitality areas are where people relax and have some comfort time away from the stress of work, and a LED Wall Display Rental P6; it’ll help visitors have a pleasant experience.
  4. Offices And Establishments. Mainly for information display, a LED Wall Display Rental P6 is a wise option to easily and quickly share data in government offices, public and private establishments.
Pixel Pitch


Pixel Configuration


Panel Resolution (mm)

80 x 80

Panel Dimension (mm)

500 x 500

Panel Area 

0.5 ㎡

Panel Weight (kg)


LED Quantity/Panel


Brightness (cd/㎡)


Brightness Adjustment

256 level

Viewing Angle (H/V)


Shortest Viewing Distance


Display Work Method



(P6 Rental Display Screen)

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