P6 LED Screen Russia

Stage shows, concerts, recitals, and performances will not be as delightful without the dancing lights and promising LED displays behind performers. Undeniably, stage LEDs set a higher standard for local and international shows.

P6 LED Screen Russia is one example of how stage LED screens can bring so much fun, enjoyment, excellent stage design, and overall technical progress in an event.

Today, stage decoration and LED Video Wall Rental are the new norms for organizing significant events for a massive crowd. Hence, it leverages the general theme, music, sound, lighting, and expectations.

If you’re thinking about availing a Светодиодный экран, please get in touch with us.

P6 LED Screen Russia is one of our projects in the largest country in the world. It is installed for a stage event in Russia. Details are as follows.

  • Type: Stage LED Display Wall /Stage LED Screen
  • Pixel Pitch: 6
  • Pixel Configuration: SMD3528
  • Location: Russia
  • Cabinet Size: 480 x 480 x 65 mm
  • Cabinet Weight: 19 kg

An LED Video Wall Rental amplifies the view of events and adds flavor and theme to the overall aspect of the stage. It also gives the audience a clearer and more vivid picture and understanding of the play or show, especially for people sitting at the back.

YUCHIP has a wide pixel pitch range to choose your preferred pixel pitch, feature, parameter, and size. We also customize sizes according to your needs, location of the display, and installation.

You can choose from our indoor series, indoor rentals, stage LED, rental dance floor, transparent LED screens, whichever you prefer for your stage event.

Why Do You Need A Светодиодный экран For Your Stage Event?

Светодиодный экран or an LED screen is vital in a stage event. It sets a more excellent feeling, ambiance, and an overall impact on viewers.

Years ago, the stage decoration was barely composed of colorful banners (themed banners), curtains, and colored lights. Stage decoration may take up only a few minutes, but the preparation of materials takes days. It includes the use of papers, cardboards, coloring materials, creep, ball lights, cloth curtains, and shaped decorations. 

Meanwhile, as the world evolved into LED technology, these transitional stage design vanished and was replaced by lights and glamorous balloons and arrangement. Later on, it progressed into digital screen designs. 

LED Video Wall Rental for stage events may come in various sizes, pixel pitches, designs, brightness, and installation. You may opt for a fixed display for your venue or a rental screen so you can lease them when not in use. 

(YUCHIP Indoor Fixed Stage LED Video Wall Display)

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