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LED Poster

LED poster is an all-in-one standalone digital screen to display stunning images and dynamic videos. LED poster is smart in changing display content, and it's more eye-catching than LCD poster display due to its higher brightness and vivid color.
  • YUCHIP LED poster pixel pitches include P1.86, P1.9, P2, P2.5, and P3. Among all, the P2.5 LED poster is the most famous model.
  • The standard LED poster display size is 640mm x 1920mm, and the full-screen size is 650mm x 1930mm with a protective edge.
  • YUCHIP LED poster’s ultra-thin frame is 5mm wide, and the screen depth is 35mm. It uses uniquely designed tempered glass to protect the screen surface and avoids getting yellow and brittle after prolonged use.

LED Poster Product Categories

The poster LED screen has grown to be a star product and is spreading fastly worldwide in the LED display market. Due to its portable and movable features, the LED poster is widely used for retail stores, exhibitions, hotels, transportation, and more.

YUCHIP has successfully developed indoor and outdoor LED posters to meet market demands. All of the iPhone-style, indoor and outdoor poster LED supports multiple installations. For instance, movable wheels, hanging from the ceiling, ground standing, and wall-mounted.

LED iPoster

Indoor P0.9 to P5. Full front service. No tempered glass. Ultra-thin design. LED poster screen size is changeable as per module size.

Digital Poster Screen

Pixel pitches P1.86, P2.0, P2.5, and P3. LED poster screen size 640x1920mm. Tempered glass. The most popular model.

Outdoor LED Poster

Outdoor P2.5 to P5. IP65, 5500 – 6000 nits brightness. It has a more impactful visual experience than an LCD poster.

  • LED Poster Frame
  • LED Poster Board
  • iPoster LED
  • LED Poster Control


YUCHIP uses industry-leading materials and top-notch technology to create the best LED poster display. The poster LED has an outstanding visual performance and highly stable quality to get you quicker and higher ROI.

  • The poster LED uses high-quality Nationstar SMD1010 black LED and ICN2153 driver IC. It reaches a 5000:1 high contrast ratio and 3840HZ high refresh rate.
  • YUCHIP LED poster has a built-in media player, and it’s “plug and play” easy to use. You can use our free App to upload images and videos. Check how to program LED posters.
  • An LED poster display can work independently. Meanwhile, you can connect multiple LED posters as one big screen through the HDMI cables (6pcs of P1.86 resolution is higher than Full HD). Check how to cascade LED posters.

Customize Your Own LED Poster

Besides the standard 640x1920mm LED poster size, we offer you customized LED posters of different sizes, resolutions, installation methods, etc. At the same time, our technical experts created the outdoor LED poster with state-of-the-art technology, which is highly scalable, reliable, and robust in features.

  • At YUCHIP, we can customize the IP level, such as IP65 that is waterproof, and the high brightness LED poster screen to your desire.
  • The sophisticated design of the poster LED has optional installation ways to fit your needs—for example, ground standing, movable wheels, wall-mounted, hanging from the ceiling, etc. Also, with regards to installation, YUCHIP will help and guide you. We will also provide you with manuals, technical support, and site visitation.
  • We can customize the poster display with GOB and COB technology for your LED poster rental purpose, which has a better anti-impact effect during frequent movement.
  • Indoor LED Poster Display
  • Poster LED
  • LED Poster Customize
  • LED Poster GOB

YUCHIP: Your Professional LED Poster Manufacturer

As China’s leading LED display manufacturer with 17 years of experience, YUCHIP is your excellent partner in supplying LED posters. Our management system complies with ISO9001-2015, and the outstanding products are certified by international standards. Also, our LED Poster Screen components (tangible and non-tangible parts) are from reliable brands. When it comes to software and control systems, YUCHIP trusts the following: Novastar, Linsn, LEDVISION, and LEDSet.

At YUCHIP, you’ll discover our highly skilled team of marketing and technical experts are ready to tackle your LED poster project. You will receive an outstanding 24/7 service in the entire project management. Our R&D team is always available to hear your suggestions, preferred display size, and installation options. Furthermore, YUCHIP is a handful of manufacturers that provides quality LED display solutions and products and excellent services. Besides, YUCHIP’s Digital LED Poster price is also affordable.

Our LED posters are popular as trade show LED displays, retail LED displays, and transportation LED screens. It is popular among places such as museums, offices, government establishments, malls, theaters (ticket booths and film halls), and a lot more.

Latest LED Poster Projects We Finished

LED Digital Poster
The LED iPoster is popular for bar, club, hotel, restaurant use. It's free to put anywhere to maximize your viewings.
LED Poster Display
LED posters quickly grabbed the tourist's attention and boosted money change business.
LED Poster Screen
The digital LED poster is stunning and portable for product launches, press briefings, etc., background use.
LED Poster Rental
LED poster for the exhibition is designed with plug-and-play. It successfully makes the LED poster rent business easier.
Pixel Pitch




Module Size (mm)

320 x 160

192 x 192

Module Resolution (pixels)

172 x 86

180 x 80128 x 64

64 x 64

Cabinet Size (mm)

640 x 1920

576 x 1920

Scan Mode




Pixel Configuration

3 in 1

LED Lamps



Pixel Density(pixel/m²)







Max. Consumption (W/m²)



Ave. Consumption (W/m²)



Cabinet Weight (kg)



Rear Side

Cabinet Material

Aluminum Profile

Front/Rear IP Level


Color Contrast Ratio


Gray Grade


Refresh Frequency (Hz)


Repetition Frequency (Hz)


View Angle (H/V)


Best Viewing Distance (m)




Working Voltage

AC110 / AC220V

Working Temperature (ºC)


Operation Humidity (RH)


Display Lifetime (hours)


LED Poster Display for Money Change Stores

(Chain stores in UK, Spain, Estonia, France, Finland, Denmark, USA )


(YUCHIP New LED Poster LED Digital Poster)


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LED Poster: Ultimate FAQ Guide


You may notice someone changed their printer banner to an electronic or digital LED poster, which is more eye-catching and gains more visitors to their shops. You might see an LED poster at the hotel entrance as a welcome banner which is more appealing. But what exactly is LED poster, and how it works? As China leading LED poster manufacturer, we prepared a FAQ guide for your better understanding of LED poster and to help you get the best LED poster to boost your business.

  • What is LED poster?
  • What Benefits Does LED Poster Bring?
  • What Are the Different Types of LED Posters?
  • Which Places Will Use LED Posters?
  • How To Choose A LED Poster, Which LED Poster Suits My Project?
  • How to Install LED Poster, Is It Easy?
  • How to Upload Image and Video Content to LED Poster?
  • How to Connect Multiple LED Posters as One LED Screen?
  • Why Choose LED Poster from YUCHIP
  • Conclusion


What is LED Poster?

LED poster is a portable digital LED poster display that shows the stunning image and dynamic video content. The multiple contents can be easily updated through the internet and USB without extra material cost. The digital features enable LED posters extraordinary advantages in replacing traditional printed banners.


Benefits of Installing LED Poster

  1. More eye-catching. The LED poster displays vivid content and has much higher brightness than the LCD poster. It’s easier and quicker to catch a client’s eyeball from a far distance.
  2. Clear and direct message delivering. The LED poster display content in a direct visual way which is more engaging and direct to the audience. Unlike static poster or banner, people love to watch dynamic displays.
  3. Unlimited playing content. LED poster can display various images, videos, and text repeatedly and offline. You can easily change the playing content through our free App without extra cost and time limit.
  4. Modernize your area. Compared to traditional banner and printed poster, LED poster significantly upgrade your area’s image to a higher level. In the long run, it will extend the clients’ staying time, lure their visit and promote your business.
  5. Maximize clients’ viewing angle. As LED poster is movable, you can easily move and turn the LED poster screen direction to face client’s entrance side. For instance, you may move the digital LED poster in an event from the opening to the ending time toward the people flow.


What Are the Different Types of LED Posters?

There are many types of LED posters. From the LED display manufacturer’s view, we define LED posters mainly in three aspects.

  • Based on the Application Environment

Outdoor LED poster. The primary and important request for an outdoor LED poster is IP65 waterproof and high brightness to be visible even under direct sunshine. On the LED poster screen front, the LED module has a silicon injection to be waterproof. The backside has outward cover and inward shield design to be waterproof and dustproof. Generally, the outdoor LED screen brightness is suggested to be above 5500 nits for outdoor use.

Indoor LED poster. The indoor LED poster mainly requires a higher definition and closer viewing distance. Most of the audience stands not far from the LED poster screen and needs to watch clear playing content.

  • Based on LED Poster Structure Design

LED iposter (LED postair). It utilizes the high-precision extrusion aluminum material cabinet and adopts a 640x1920mm screen size. YuChip iposter LED is designed with various installation methods. The most popular types are: Ground standing with movable wheels, wall mounted, and ceiling hanging. LED iposter is at #1 choose.

iPhone-style LED poster. It uses classical steel material to form iPhone, or other customized shape LED poster. Instead of a 640x1920mm screen size, it’s easy to change the LED screen size, and legs length based on each project’s needs.

  • Based on LED Poster Pixel Pitch

The resolution below is based on a standard LED poster size 640x1920mm.

P1.86 LED poster: It adopts 1.86mm pixel pitch LED screen, and screen resolution is: 344×1032 pixels. The best viewing distance is above 1.8m.

P2.0 LED poster: It adopts 2mm pixel pitch LED screen, and screen resolution is: 320×960 pixels. The best viewing distance is above 2m.

P2.5 LED poster: It adopts 2.5mm pixel pitch LED screen, and screen resolution is: 256×768 pixels. The best viewing distance is above 2.5m.

P3 LED poster: It adopts 3.076mm pixel pitch LED screen, and the screen resolution is: 208×624 pixels. The best viewing distance is above 3.

From the global market view, P2.5 digital LED poster is undoubtedly the shining star occupying the top 1 sale position. Among all, Germany and Europe market more prefer P2.5 LED poster, the American market always go with P1.8 iposter LED, and North Africa choose a P3 LED poster most of the time.


Where Are the LED Posters Used?

LED posters are widespread use worldwide. Its great advantages make it ideal media to replace traditional, old-fashioned printed display banners. LED poster fits places that need a portable, movable LED screen.

You may find shining LED posters in retail storefronts, shopping mall gates, hotels, restaurants, tradeshows & exhibitions, cinemas, museums, airports, train station, and more. LED posters can also be used in events like weddings, concerts, birthdays, press releases, etc.

In a word, LED posters are popular to promote your business, lure audiences, deliver a message, announce a promotion, or as decorative displays for your stores or events.


How To Choose A LED Poster, Which LED Poster Suits My Project?

  1. Outdoor or indoor environment: It’s the first question to answer to propose a LED poster. The outdoor environment requires LED poster to be IP65 waterproof and have high brightness, while indoors do not.
  2. Installation site condition: The iPhone style is a popular choice to replace the existing LCD poster display, as it has a similar looking but better performance in color, brightness, and lifespan. At the same time, an iPhone-style LED poster takes up very little space for installation (money exchange shops use a significant quantity of it). The suggested model is the LED iposter(LED postair) in other conditions.
  3. Viewing distance: If the installation site needs a short viewing distance within 2m, the P1.8 and P1.5 fits. If the viewing distance is above 3m, a 3mm LED poster is good enough and at a competitive price. Other than these two viewing distance requirements, the P2.5 LED poster is your best choice, which has a high resolution(256×768 pixels) and is at a competitive price.
  4. Budget: The LED display trend is higher resolution, and people love seeing clearer and more detailed display content. So, if you don’t have budget pressure, P1.5 and P1.8 are your best choices with higher resolution. If you have a budget plan, we will work out the best model that fits your needs within your budget.


How to Install LED Poster, Is It Easy?

It’s easy to install LED poster. Upon your selection, LED posters will arrive to you in wooden cases or flight cases(We recommend flight case package if you buy LED posters for rental business). The next thing comes to you is how to install LED poster and make it work to boost your business. Here we take an example of P2.5 LED postair as an installation guide.


How to Upload Image and Video Content to LED Poster?

You can update content to LED poster through mobile phone, computer, and USB. Among all, mobile phone control is the most popular use, which is simple to operate and flexible to control at any time. Check the below video is a P3 LED poster demo to get you’re a clear understanding of how to upload image and video content to LED poster.


How to Connect Multiple LED Posters as One LED Screen?

When you have 2pcs and more LED poster, you are wondering how to cascade the multiple LED posters as one big LED screen. To connect a few pieces of LED poster as one screen, the hardware has two requests: The LED poster controller(TB40, TB50, TB60 yes, TB1, TB2, TB30 no) support and HDMI “In” and “Out” interface designed.

From below video, you will see 2pcs of P2.5 LED posters as a demo. The steps are the same if you have 3, 4, 5, or 6pcs. 5 Steps To Show You How To Cascade LED Posters.

  1. LED poster cascade by HDMI.
  2. Connect the LED Poster by Wifi and control it.
  3. Setting the 2pcs LED Poster cascade together on your phone( by our given ViPlex Handy App).
  4. Connect the first LED Poster and send the program.
  5. Disconnect the two LED Posters, and they work independently again.


Why Choose LED Poster from YUCHIP

YuChip is the top3 LED poster manufactures in China. It uses top-notch technology and industry-leading materials to offer you the best LED poster at affordable price. Since 2004, it has provided high-quality LED screen to over 102 countries. YuChip LED posters are especially popular in Europe(P2.5) and America(P1.8, P2.5). We provide a 3-5 years warranty for LED poster products.

From here, you will get the wholesale LED poster price. It significantly reduces your sourcing cost and strengthens your local market competition advantages. The MOQ is 1pc, and you will get discount for bulk orders.

YuChip sophisticated sales engineers are offering you instant and professional service 24/7. Besides the headquarter in Shenzhen, the company branches are in Germany, Hungary, Italy, Nigeria, Thailand, Malaysia and Peru. You can easily get prompt service from the factory or branches needed.



Whether you are looking for LED posters for your franchise’s own use or you plan to wholesale LED poster from China and resell locally; Whether you are ready to get YuChip standard LED poster or need to customize for your unique space; Whether you are carrying bundled of investment capital, or you have a limited budget to start. We are ready to help and we are more than pleased to grow with you to expand your local market development.

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