Stage LED Screen

Stage LED Screen

YUCHIP stage LED screen is engaging and has high visual impact, uniquely designed as outdoor and indoor stage screens in events, trade shows, theater, TV studio, church, and more. It can be customized to meet your desired event screen outcomes.
  • YUCHIP has started manufacturing high-quality stage LED screens since 2004. We have a rich 17-year long experience in the field.
  • The stage LED screen has a great range of pixel pitch from 0.7mm, 0.9mm, 1.25mm to 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, etc.
  • Whether you are looking for a stage LED screen for rental or fixed installation, we have the best solution, customized and following your needs.

Stage LED Screen Product Categories

The stage LED screen is commonly used to spice up attendees’ and participants’ viewing experiences. A stage LED screen successfully makes your show live and engaging. Also, it adds excitement, flavor, and theme to the whole area. The stage LED display is eye-catching for conveniently relaying a message, information, and other vital details to the public.

You can use a stage LED screen for a long list of events prevalent in today’s time and generation. Concerts are the most common, while charity events, conferences, and summits follow. You may also use the stage LED screens to upscale outdoor culminating activities at schools, universities, museums, cultural and heritage events, etc. It can come in various sizes, materials, specifications, and other features.

YUCHIP’s know-how engineers researched and developed three main series of stage LED walls to fit your needs properly according to your stage applications. First, an outdoor rental LED display is ideal for temporary use outdoors and on an indoor stage. Second, an indoor rental LED display is suitable for indoor short-period stage use. Third, an indoor fixed LED display is the best choice for the permanent installation stage.

Outdoor Rental LED Display

The outdoor rental LED display is IP65 waterproof for your stage use. And its high brightness ensures your attendees a clear and vivid display even under sunlight.

Indoor Rental LED Display

It has a closer best viewing distance for your participants. Its high resolution, high contrast ratio, excellent refresh frequency assure you a high-end event.

Indoor Fixed LED Display

Indoor fixed LED display is the best cost-effective stage LED wall for your permanent installation. The excellent design makes it easy to install and simple to maintain.

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Why YUCHIP Stage LED Screen

YUCHIP stage LED wall has been exported to over 102 countries. The outstanding visual performance and highly stable quality will bring you, investors, organizers, and participants a successful and enjoyable experience.

  • YUCHIP stage LED screen uses industry-leading materials(Nationstar LEDs, MBI5253IC) to deliver the sharpest images at the widest viewing angle.
  • Stage screen LED has a high refresh frequency of up to 3840Hz, ensuring you a smooth image free of flickering, clear, straightforward, and vivid visual effects.
  • Our stage LED screen incorporates a rapid rigging system with a fast-lock mechanism. It’s quick to install, easy to operate, and simple to maintain.

Customize Your Stage LED Screen With Us

As China’s leading LED display manufacturer, we accept and are delighted to make your stage LED wall unique. If you are looking for a stage LED screen with customized pixel pitch, size, and shape, you can get it all done at YUCHIP. We have a professional team of engineers and skilled individuals to help you achieve your various project and events screen requirements.

  • Whether you are looking for an HD, 2K, 4K stage LED screen, or a cheap stage LED wall; we can customize it.
  • YUCHIP will tailor your size whenever you need a large stage LED screen for a grand event or a small stage background LED screen.
  • Other than standard rectangle stage LED, we can custom your stage LED screen in creative curved, round, spherical shapes, and more.
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YUCHIP: Your Professional Stage LED Screen Manufacturer

YUCHIP has 17 years of rich experience in manufacturing and exporting stage LED screens. To meet your every market requirement, our stage LED walls are certified by CE, RoHS, CCC, FCC, TUV-EMC, SABER, SONCAP, and BIS international standards. At the same time, we provide you with a high-quality stage screen LED with a 3-5 years warranty. Our sophisticated engineers designed the unique stage screen LED for your specific project needs. For example, anti-EMI stage screen for TV studio, zero-noise stage LED for the political summit, etc.

In addition, YUCHIP has a great circle of skilled individuals and outstanding engineers who will help you visualize your stage LED screen needs and projects. We customize, manufacture, and make sure that the products we deliver to you are nothing but of good quality and steady performance, partnered with our reliable support and warranty. Should you have further questions about our products and solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us or send a message.

Latest Stage LED Screen Projects We Finished

LED Screen for Stage Price
At this stage, LED’s advanced design is a high contrast ratio, high refresh frequency, low brightness, and zero noise.
Large Screens for Events
The stage LED wall has a high definition to perfectly show your products’ tiny details. It usually uses P2.6, and P2.9.
LED Screen for Wedding
LED panels for stage significantly upgrade your site image and easily attract people’s attention in hotels, restaurants.
LED Screen for Stage Show
Stage LED screen is IP65 waterproof and high brightness(adjustable) for your outdoor, indoor, day, and night events.

(P2.5 Stage LED Wall in Shangri-la Hotel)


(P5 Stage LED Screen in Restaurant)

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Stage LED Screen: Ultimate FAQ Guide


1. What Are The Things You Need to Know Before Buying Stage LED Screens?


If you are looking for stage LED screens for your next event, there are several things that you need to know first before actually purchasing.

Fixed or Movable Rent? A fixed LED screen will fit if you need the LED screen for a permanent site stage. The fixed stage LED screen should have easy maintenance from the front or rear, depending on installation site space. A fixed stage LED screen is always cheaper than a movable rent type based on the exact specification. It has pixel pitches from P0.9, P1.25, P1.56, P1.875, P2, P2.5, P3, P4, etc.

A movable rent stage LED screen features ultra-slim, lightweight, easy to install and dismantle, robust in frequent movement, etc. The most popular models are 500x500mm, and 500x1000mm cabinet sizes with pixel pitch P1.95, P2.604, P2.97, P3.91, P4.81, and more.

Crowd Concert Stage LED Screen
Crowd Concert Stage LED Screen

Indoor or Outdoor? An outdoor stage LED screen needs to have high brightness to make the screen visible and vivid even under direct sunlight. At the same time, the outdoor stage LED wall should be IP65 waterproof. So, even raining or snowing will not damage the LED screen.

The outdoor stage LED screen can be put on both outdoor and indoor locations, but the indoor stage LED screen can only be set indoors (Or in an outdoor environment that doesn’t need high brightness and IP65 waterproof.) Usually, an indoor stage LED screen has a lower cost than an outdoor if they have the same pixel pitch.

Festival Stage LED Screen
Festival Stage LED Screen

Close or Far Distance Viewing? For an indoor stage, the audience is always close to the stage and needs to see the screen content clearly. So, it will require a close viewing distance to the stage LED screen. The smaller the pixel pitch is, the closer the viewing distance. For example, the P2.6 stage LED display has a closer viewing distance than P3.91, and it’s a better option for your indoor stage background LED screen use.

But in an outdoor event, if the LED screen hangs high and far from the audience, it will not have a close viewing distance request.


2. What Are The Advantages Of Using Stage LED Screens In Events?


Large LED screens for events are commonly used to spice up the show’s attendees’ and participants’ viewing experience. Having big LED screens on stage gives you the following benefits:

LED Video Wall Stage
LED Video Wall Stage

Lively Stage Background. The vivid color and brilliant effects it gives can help you pull off a spectacular show for your audience. You can have a more pleasing stage background which adds positively to the visual experience of the audience. Lively stage background also evokes wonderful feelings amongst the audience, which affects audience engagement and participation.

Optimized Visibility. If you are producing an event with big crowds like a concert, it is crucial to ensure that everyone has a close view of what is going on the stage via the concert screens. Installing a concert LED screen is a way to respect your audience’s right to see and enjoy the show.

Concert LED Stage Design
Concert LED Stage Design

Decorative Illumination. Stage LED screens also provide a better lamination in your event. It helps set the environment’s mood, which is vital in providing your audience with a one-of-a-kind experience and leaving a great impression.

Creative Setup. Since ultra slim LED screens to offer flexible installation, you can choose to put in any way you think will give your audience a better visual experience. Ultra-slim LED displays also give your stage LED screen a better appearance.


3. What Services Are Included When Renting Stage LED Screens?


YUCHIP is an international LED display screen supplier in China. We are here to provide you with LED services from the beginning to the end of your event’s production.

We will do all the necessary work to ensure you achieve the spectacular LED displays that you and your audience deserve.

LED Stage Screen
LED Stage Screen

You will be guided by our well-experienced technicians the entire time. Our renting LED services include:

High-Quality Rental LED Display. Our indoor curtain LED screens are built using SMD (surface-mounted diode) technology to provide you with the sharpest image display. Our ultra-slim rental LED screens for outdoor use offer high image contrast because it is based on DIP (Direct in-line Package) technology to have a bright image display even under direct sunlight.

Setting up. Our expert personnel will install and set up everything for you. They will help you make sure that your audience will get the best viewing angle and experience.

Stage LED Display Design
Stage LED Display Design

Operation. LED technicians will make sure everything goes smoothly, and the screen displays will be well-managed.

Dismantling. Once your event is over, our personnel will dismantle the stage LED screens.

Content Creation. We can help you take your event to the next level by ensuring you will have a fantastic LED content display. We can customize your content for you according to your liking or needs.

To provide you with expert support, you may talk to us and tell us about your needs, and we will curate an LED screen solution that is right for you.


4. Is It Difficult To Operate An LED Stage Display?


Operating your LED stage screen is just like running your personal computer. The most practical way to transfer the signal from your monitor to the big LED screen for stage display is by using a signal cable called RJ45 – a standard network cable.

Stage LED Display Outdoor
Stage LED Display Outdoor

For most clients being 100 meters away or less from the stage LED screen is enough for the controlling computer to be located. Hence, RJ45 cable is the most economical option.

On the other hand, if you wish to manage your LED display or have a control room far from the stage LED screen itself, you may choose a fiber optic solution. It will allow you to situate a control station for up to 10 kilometers (or more) away from the stage. However, a fiber solution is a more expensive option. You can also manage LED screens and LED displays remotely. An internet connection is available in both locations (for the stage LED screen and the controller (PC)); it will work.


5. How Is LED Stage Display Different From Indoor And Outdoor Fixed Displays?


These are how stage LED displays in different from fixed indoor and outdoor LED displays:

Easier Installation. Since stage LED screens are being assembled and dismantled more often than regular indoor and outdoor LED displays, stage displays have adopted a fast rigging system (with a quick-lock mechanism) for quicker and more convenient installations. It also allows secured seamless connection for the screens.

Stage Outdoor LED
Stage Outdoor LED

More Durable. Stage LED screen is made with an aluminum die-cast body box essential to withstand constant installation and mobilization.

Lighter. Most LED walls are made using ultra-thin LED screens to produce a sharp and vivid visual display and make the venue stylish and beautiful. The lightweight feature also helps in minimizing the cost of shipment, transfer, and operation.

Higher Configuration. Conventional fixed LED displays are commonly used for advertising purposes by playing video pictures or videos only. However, since stage LED screens need to come by the HD cameras test and the refresh rate and visual effects are more rigorous and stringent, the configurations for these screen displays are higher.

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