Standard Outdoor Rental LED Display In Nigeria

Are you thinking of how to intensify your outdoor events’ experience? Outdoor rentals are surely the answer to your doubts and questions.

YUCHIP has various outdoor rental series where you can choose your perfect display for your needs.

  • Type: Outdoor Rental LED Screen
  • Location: Nigeria

This project utilized a standard outdoor rental display. Outdoor rental LED screens provide an immense viewing experience for the audience. Concerts, outdoor shows, and performances become more exciting with the LED display view.

YUCHIP’s outdoor rental series include various pixel pitch range starting with P4 up to P20. Also, we have different product series such as Q, B, H, F, and C Series. Each series has unique features differing from the usual outdoor rentals.

For Q Series, it is an outdoor rental with features for indoor rental; thus, it is very cost-effective. While for F Series, you can use it as a rental dance floor. It has a load-bearing capacity of 2 tons. You can even ride a car on it.

On the other hand, B, H, and F Series are our very prominent outdoor rentals because these series have perfect pixel pitch options.

(YUCHIP Indoor And Outdoor Rental LED Display Q Series)

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