Street Light Pole LED Display

As an essential category of smart city terminals, street light pole LED display advertising has many advantages. For example, the comprehensive and robust product performance, combining high value with commercial and people’s livelihood services, ease of operation, etc.


Street Light Pole LED Display

  • With Remote mass control: 3G/4G control without distance limit, massive LED display control synchronously;
  • Free WiFi: People nearby LED display search its WiFi, identify and log in, then surf on the internet freely;
  • Interactive: Our R&D is dedicated to realizing interactive functions between street light pole LED display advertising and customers;
  • Quick Information Sharing: The street light pole LED display can share fast and latest data or information on a real-time basis. Such information is vital in our everyday lives, for example, temperature and weather reports, traffic guides and announcements, critical governmental notices, and advice.
  • IP65: The street light pole LED display has a waterproof design, making it more suitable for outdoor fixed installation. The cabinet and the whole material can withstand corrosion and are resistant to it.
  • Brightness: It has a high brightness that can automatically adjust depending on the available light in the environment. In the morning, the brightness goes high, while at night, it reduces, allowing less light pollution in the background.


P4 P5


Pixel Pitch (Mm)


4 5


Brightness (Outdoor)


Cabinet Size


Cabinet Weight



(YUCHIP Street Light Pole LED Display)

Street Light Pole LED Display


Smart cities across the globe continue to advance. Advertising carrier increases to populate in big and crowded areas.

One of those effective advertising methods is through the use of pole LED Displays. It advertises and lights up busy streets in cities, making a safer and friendly environment.

YUCHIP Street Light LED Screen


The LED industry has been configuring out how to deliver information and strengthen digital networks effectively. Since the digital era has significantly changed us, it is also embarking on improving the environment.

What Makes LED Pole Display The Best?

Street Pole LED Display
  • Phasing out Traditional Ways

Street pole LED display phases out traditional light pole signage because of the extensive range of intelligent light pole LED display applications across busy cities.

Compared with conventional light pole signage, it gets more audience cause it has the advantages of both front and rear display. So people around can see the content.

With mature technologies such as naked-eye 3D and VR\AR, these smart street light pole LED displays will give people a more vivid and realistic presentation.

  • Quick Information Sharing

A street light LED pole display can not only play multimedia content such as audio, video, text, but it could also share quick road video information and temperature, humidity, and weather.

Digital Street Pole Display In Aging Test
  • Multiple Control Methods

Street light pole LED display supports WIFI, 3G, LAN, etc., control methods, and you can customize content through the use of a digital device, be it a computer or tablet.

  • Multi-screen Broadcasting

Don’t worry about playing ads in different areas. With this product, it’s highly possible.

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