Taxi Top LED Display In Thailand

Advertising may come in many ways and various methods.

One effective way is the use of mobile advertising such as taxi top LED display.

  • Type: Taxi Top LED Display/ Mobile Advertising Display
  • Location: Thailand

What do you need to know about Taxi Top LED Display?

  • Taxi top LED displays may utilize various pixel pitches from P4, P6, P8, and P10.
  • Taxi top display can expand a digital market by playing and showing various advertising content in many different locations.
  • It can reach hundreds to thousands of audience and viewers in one day of rooming around big cities and crowded areas.
  • Our taxi top LED screens undergo series of aging tests, like our other products, to make sure the display has steady and outstanding performance and avoid hustle during delivery and purchase.
  • An LED screen in a mobile vehicle such as taxis provides a more excellent and friendlier ambiance to passengers, opening up a more firm taxi business.

(P2.5 Taxi Top Advertising Double-sided LED Display)

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