Trailer LED Screen In Germany

We recommend truck & trailer LED screens to run at a speed less than 30km/h to allow the audience to enjoy events, entertainment, and advertising content.

The truck LED display adopts an ultra-slim rental LED screen cabinet to realize lightweight requirements, so it would be easier and more secure to lift and tear down an LED wall in a truck and trailer.

  • Type: Trailer LED Display
  • Location: Germany
  • Pixel Pitch: P10
  • Pixel Configuration: SMD2727

A truck trailer is a mobile advertising LED display capable of reaching hundreds and thousands of audiences, increasing the probability of high sales and popularity.

The truck trailer display is specially designed for mobile advertising; that’s why you can be sure of its stability, strength, and overall system design.

It can withstand 24/7 use and various weather conditions and has very high compatibility and probability of getting advertising goals into reality with its diverse content.

It is rising in popularity since many people are going around in busy cities waiting and looking for entertainment medium.

(Truck LED Display For Advertising)

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