Pantallas LED Para Publicidad Paraguay

Pantallas LED Para Publicidad is widespread in Paraguay. Many advertising firms and local and international business owners believe that Pantallas LED Para Publicidad would help them achieve impactful product and brand awareness among the local and international markets.

Being a small country in South America, Paraguay also embraces digital screen technology in its ways of life.

Pantallas LED Para Publicidad or LED Screens for Advertising is one powerful weapon and a great investment everyone should eye on.

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YUCHIP, from China, provided a Pantallas LED Para Publicidad in Paraguay. Paraguay perhaps is a small country in South America bordered by Brazil, Bolivia, and Argentina. 

YUCHIP is China’s leading Pantallas LED Para Publicidad provider and manufacturer. We’ve accomplished numerous projects in South America such as Peru, Brazil, Colombia, etc.

Below are the LED Screen Paraguay project details:

  • Type: Outdoor Fixed LED Display
  • Purpose: Public Advertising
  • Pixel Pitch: P10
  • Pixel Configuration: SMD3535
  • Location: Paraguay
  • 90-degree LED Display
  • Angle LED display; four sides/monument LED display, cube LED display customized available.

Please feel free to contact us for any customized LED display requests:;

YUCHIP’s LED P10 Outdoor Fixed balances P8 LED and P16 LED outdoor fixed. Its features are delicate and perfect for outdoor billboard use. Its size and visibility can reach thousands of viewers and entertain passers-by simultaneously.

Our outdoor fixed series includes P4, P5, P6, P8, P12, and P16, P20, P25, and customize LED screens of your choice.

LED Screen Paraguay

The use of the LED screen in Paraguay is evident today when we enter the 21st century. Almost all North and South American countries have embraced the LED display solutions provided by massive corporations and LED companies worldwide.

Paraguay is a small and locked country bordered by Argentine, Brazil, and Bolivia. Its nearby countries are digitally advanced, especially Brazil, home to various sporting events, commonly football. 

The country’s primary source of livelihood comes from industry and manufacturing. And to best achieve higher profits, Paraguay sets foot in using digital screens to increase their products product sensitivity. 

Besides advertising, Pantallas LED Para Publicidad can also share information. With its easy content uploading, you can display quick guides and reports to the local community. 

(P10 SMD3535 Outdoor LED Display)

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