P20 Outdoor Advertising Screen In Peru

Outdoor advertising screens give a higher possibility of higher sales since they can accommodate a greater and wider audience.

One of our projects in Peru utilized a large outdoor advertising LED screen.

  • Type: Outdoor Advertising LED Screen
  • Pixel Pitch: 20
  • Pixel Configuration: 1R1G1B
  • Location: Peru


Total cabinets are 70 pieces, cabinet size 1280mmx960mm, the total area is 86sqm. Equipped with a quality lamp and IC, its brightness is more than 8000cd/m², vivid and colorful display effect.

The project engineer guides the installation and commissioning in the installation place to ensure the project quality.

YUCHIP’s outdoor advertising screens are equipped with a long life span, high brightness, and stability features, enabling effective advertising and information goals more possible and convenient.

Our company has more than 15 years of manufacturing history in the LED display industry. From steel structure drawing design to cabinet design, we have professional engineers to solve any problems for you at any time.

And when it comes to installation and maintenance, our professionals are one-to-one and are there with you every step of your LED investment.

(P20 Outdoor Full Color Advertising LED Billboard)

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