P4 Indoor HD LED Video Display In Malaysia

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country that benefits well from tourist attractions.

That is to say, the reason that they have hundreds of hotels is to provide the best accommodation to their guests.

  • Location: Malaysia
  • Cabinet size: 512 mm x 512 mm
  • Length: 6.14 m
  • Height: 3.1 m
  • Total Size: 31㎡

YUCHIP P4 Indoor LED Display adopts SMD2121, low brightness, and high intensity, ensure display effect in the indoor, the picture is vivid, bring you a perfect visual experience.

Once the LED display lights up, you’ll see high-definition graphics and gorgeous colors that customers have highly praised.

P4 Indoor LED Display is YUCHIP’s best-selling indoor display because of its broad applicability, outstanding parameters, and features. Its brightness is adjustable, and the module has easier installation. You can choose our P4 SMD Series, P4 fixed, or P4 indoor rental for your indoor rental events’ needs.

When it comes to installation, YUCHIP will help you with the various methods you can consider while for maintenance; we will help you familiarize and guide you throughout the process.

P4 Indoor is also the hotel and casino’s favorite LED pixel pitch because it balances the need for indoor and outdoor view, both in one LED Display.

(YUCHIP Indoor Fixed Stage LED Video Wall)

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