3D Hologram LED Display

Hologram LED Display is a new innovation brought by the continuous development of technology. With a 3D hologram LED Display, you can make a more intense and entertaining view.

3D Hologram LED Display Creates Naked Eye Effect, Smart 3D Display!


3D Hologram LED Display

3D Hologram Fan LED display delivers outstanding visual experience, greatly attracts potential customers’ attention.

3D Hologram LED Display

3D Hologram LED Display, from the name itself, is a type of LED Display with hologram features. It produces an illusion of 3D objects, which makes them look like floating in the air. Once it works, it creates a see-through view since the fan becomes invisible and vividly represents the object. This video below is its entire production process and the production details.


This type of LED Display is now getting its way to the market because of the fantastic view it creates. And it is applicable for advertising use, display use, home use, or even office service.

You can install a 3D Hologram Fan LED Display in various places and events.

  • Office Premises
  • Product Launch
  • Shopping Malls
  • Exhibits
  • Arenas
  • Digital Home
  • Conference Decoration

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