Commercial Advertising LED Display

Commercial Advertising LED Display has a high contrast ratio that enables it to show accurate colors of objects even in the daytime, under the excruciating light of the sun.

While at night, it is extremely catchy and lights up dark areas in the city.


Advertising LED Billboards in Luoyang

Advertising full-color digital LED billboards are of high contrast ratio at 4000:1, LED panels display a vibrant and accurate color LED display advertising effect. The LED video screen displays present a clear and vivid image, even under direct sunshine.

Commercial LED Display

Commercial Advertising LED Display is known as commercial advertising LED screen, and it ranges from outdoor LED screen to indoor LED display advertising application fields.

P5 Outdoor HD LED Display has advanced cabinet design, seamless, ensuring the entire screen’s flatness. It comes with three years warranty, easy to install & maintain.

P6 Outdoor Commercial Advertising LED Wall has reliable quality, advanced and mature technology, compliant with industrial standards and technology developing trend.

P10 Outdoor Advertising Led Display

P10 Outdoor Advertising LED Display is of high resolution 10000 pixels per square meters. Its cost is much lower than years before, and it’s widely chosen for large-size outdoor..


P12 Outdoor LED Display has high brightness, vivid color, high gray level, and best display effect. The maximum power is 500w/sqm average is 200w/sqm, decreasing electricity..

P12.5 Full Color Advertising Led Display

P12.5 Full Color Advertising LED Display has a transmittance of over 15%-40% and gains homogeneous emission. It does not need an air conditioning fan and so is saving costs.

P16 Outdoor Advertising LED Display Billboard

P16 Outdoor Advertising Billboard is of high resolution 3906 pixels/㎡ for outdoor advertising LED billboard use. It has a high contrast ratio of 4000:1, LED panels display a vibrant and..

P13.33 Outdoor Advertising Led Display

P13.33 Outdoor Advertising LED Display panel utilizes large 320mm x 320mm LED modules design to enable fewer modules quantity in one LED cabinet for a seamless connection.

P13.33 Advertising Led Display 3

P13.33 Advertising LED Display balances P10 outdoor LED display of higher cost and P16 outdoor LED screen of lower resolution.

Product Related Information

Commercial Advertising LED Display is designed for outdoor use as a billboard for advertising purposes. You can install and use them in the following:

  • Shopping malls
  • Building walls
  • Building roof
  • Open spaces
  • Stadiums, etc.

YUCHIP Outdoor Rental LED Display Products

  • Pixel Pitch: 4.81
    Pixel Configuration: SMD2727
    Brightness: ≥4500 (adjustable)
    Refresh Rate: ≥2400 Hz
    Cabinet Size: 500 x 500 mm
    Cabinet Weight: 7.5 kg

  • Pixel Pitch: 5.95
    Pixel Configuration: SMD3535
    Brightness: ≥5000 (adjustable)
    Refresh Rate: ≥2400 Hz
    Cabinet Size: 500 x 1000 mm
    Cabinet Weight: 12.5 kg

  • Pixel Pitch: 10.42
    Pixel Configuration: 1R1G1B
    Brightness: ≥6000
    Refresh Rate: ≥1920
    Cabinet Size: 500 x 1000 x 90 mm
    Cabinet Weight: 16 kg

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