Dual Maintenance LED Display

Dual Maintenance LED Display provides easy access to LED spare parts whenever you need to check them. LED Displays, being used for mostly like twenty hours a day and if placed outdoors, might need maintenance from time to time.

The dual maintenance LED display has two-way: front and rear care, which means if the LED display has fixed installation, you can use the front side while the back part if there are many backspaces to use.


Dual Maintenance LED Screen In Finland

Do you know dual maintenance LED screens are also for outdoor use? The availability of both sides, front, and rear, make dual maintenance even more convenient for many.

P10 Outdoor Dual Maintenance LED Display In France

Dual maintenance displays provide a more convenient way of maintenance, energy-saving, cost-saving, and less workforce.

Product Related Information

You can install or apply the dual maintenance LED display both indoors or outdoors. If for fixed installation such as wall-mounted or at the building roof, you can maintain it through the front side.

While for temporary installation such as hanging, in a column, etc., rear maintenance would be best.

Our dual maintenance LED display is often installed in the following locations or circumstances:

  • Building Wall
  • Along superhighways
  • Road intersections
  • Inside shopping malls
  • Casinos and hotels
  • Swimming stadiums
  • Billboards, etc.

YUCHIP Outdoor and Indoor LED Displays

  • Pixel Pitch: 6
    Pixxel Configuration: SMD3528
    Brightness: ≥2000 (adjustable)
    Refresh Rate: ≥1000
    Cabinet Size: 480 x 480 x 65 mm
    Cabinet Weight: 19 kg

  • Ultra Thin Led Display P6.67

    Pixel Pitch: 6.67
    Pixxel Configuration: SMD3528
    Brightness: ≥8000 (adjustable)
    Refresh Rate: ≥600
    Cabinet Size: 640 x 640 x 100 mm
    Cabinet Weight: 19 kg

  • Pixel Pitch: 20
    Pixxel Configuration: 1R1G1B
    Brightness: ≥8000 (adjustable)
    Refresh Rate: ≥1000
    Cabinet Size: 960 x 960 x 150 mm
    Cabinet Weight: 50 kg

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