Football Stadium LED Display

Perimeter LED Display brings a nicer view during a sporting event. Spectators could see the information, game status, and other relevant information clearly.

Besides information display, it also shows some advertising content, graphics, images, videos, and other entertaining illustrations.


22. P10 LED Screen Scoreboards in Beijing

LED Scoreboards contribute a lot to many sporting events. It provides a clearer view and gives the spectator the needed information to enjoy the game well.

23. P20 Sports LED Display in Brazil

Sports LED Display helps every spectator to enjoy the utmost experience of a live event such as sports and matches. While you enjoy the view, you’ll also access other information..

27. P20 Football Perimeter LED Display in Turkey

People love sports so much like it’s a necessary thing for us. It’s evident in what and how people show their love for sports, like thousands of sporting events and other sports-related..

Product Related Information

Perimeter displays are primarily designed for sporting events; thus, it applies to various sporting venues such as stadiums, open fields, track and field, coliseums, swimming venues, etc.

Why do you need a perimeter display for a sporting event?

Pretty sure you’re asking the same question above.

The importance of LED displays in numerous events is very spectacular and intense. The LEDs’ contribution and application are vast and immense. A perimeter LED Display intensifies the viewing experience of every audience during a match. It provides specific and informative data about participants, game status, advertising, sponsors, scoreboard, etc.

YUCHIP Sports Perimeter LED Display Products

  • LED Perimeter Boards

    Under normal circumstances, the multi-functional gymnasium can meet large-scale dance, artistic performance, various sports competitions, and other large-scale activities.

  • High Definition High Refresh Rate & High Brightness LED Perimeter Boards

    Sports Perimeter LED Displays are used in stadiums and other sporting venues. They are for displaying advertisements, commercials, event sponsors, and other game-related information.

  • High Ingress Protection Rating LED Perimeter Boards

    Rental perimeter LED Display Screen is a type of LED Display designed for sporting events, live broadcasting, and commercial advertising.

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