Full Color LED Display

Full Color LED Display has the capability to show the actual color of objects vividly and colorfully. Also, it is more eye-catchy since it can automatically adjust its brightness during the daytime and nighttime.


Commercial Full Color Led Display P4

P4 Commercial Full Color LED Display adopts a high-quality LED Lamp, 2500:1 contrast ratio, and high grayscale. It provides a higher picture and..

P12.5 Full Color Advertising Led Display

P12.5 Full Color Advertising LED Display has a transmittance of over 15%-40% and gains homogeneous emission. It does not need an air conditioning fan and so is saving costs.

P10 Full Color Outdoor LED Display Screen

P10 Full Color Outdoor LED Display Screen uses state-of-art LEDs, which have the brightness for indoor and outdoor application.

P5 Full Color SMD Indoor Led Screens

P5 Full Color SMD Indoor LED Screen has smooth display image, shooting with 2000Hz refresh rate even under 1/2000 professional shutter..

YUCHIP P20 Outdoor Advertising LED Display In Peru

P20 Outdoor Full Color LED Display is mostly used as large size LED billboards to replace traditional static advertising billboards.

Product Related Information

Full Color LED Display suits in both environments, be it indoors or outdoors. You can install full color LED displays in the following places:

  • Shopping Malls
  • Theaters
  • Building Wall
  • Building Windows
  • Product Launches
  • Outdoor Billboards, etc.

YUCHIP Outdoor Advertising Products

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