Indoor Rental LED Display

Indoor Rental LED Display is part of YUCHIP’s rental product series with a high resolution and perfect view. Our indoor rental products come with a safety handle for easy transport and ultra-fine pixel pitch that’ll surely give an outstanding and quality viewing experience.

We also customize indoor rental LED displays according to your choice and preferred sizes.


New Indoor Rental LED Screen 2

Introducing our new indoor rental LED Screen with dual maintenance features, front and back. It has a perfect structure and humanized design.

IRE series

IRE Series products have a quick and accurate curved connection system, from -7.5 degrees to 10 degrees. Every 2.5 degrees can make an angle adjustment, supporting the angle changes like +10 degrees,..


P3 Indoor Rental LED Display has a seamless connection: 4 sets of fast lockers are equipped on each cabinet for a tight and seamless connection..

P3.75 Rental LED Display

P3.75 Indoor Rental LED Display has ultra-lightweight and ultra-thin features, making it one of the most famous and used indoor rental display models.


P3.91 Indoor Rental LED Screen is of high resolution among the indoor LED Display series and is of the most popular choice for its balanced solution and cost.


P4 Indoor Rental LED Screen with 3000:1 contrast ratio acquired with high-quality black face LED lamp and black mask, providing a clearer and more vivid image.


It uses high-quality thermal grease and die-cast aluminum construction, with excellent thermal performance, without fan-assisted thermal noise, power..


P5.95 Indoor Rental Display is stable, no ripples, no flicker, display real and natural. Its small pitch LED display non-cable connectors improve stability,..


P6 Indoor Rental LED Display has a patented interlocking system, magnetic docking fastening module for fast and easy swapping of any module.


P6.25 Indoor Rental LED Display is stable, no ripples, no flicker, display real and natural. In addition, the small pitch LED shows non-cable connectors improving stability, easy installation, removal, and maintenance.

Product Related Information

Indoor Rental LED Displays, like our other indoor products, have broad application scope. These days, it is everywhere, and over a hundred countries have benefited from YUCHIP’s indoor LED products over time.

It benefits almost all industries and field that needs a digital product to reach target sales and profit goals. Advertising, for example, is vital and critical for most businesses when it comes to brand awareness. And our indoor rentals are not only for events but for advertising as well.

Here are other applications and locations where an indoor rental LED display would be a great deal.

  • Shopping Malls
  • Concerts
  • Fashion Shows
  • Product Launch
  • Flashmobs
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Bars and Casinos
  • School Programs
  • Fund-raising Events
  • Weddings and other family gatherings, etc.

YUCHIP Outdoor Rental LED Display Products

  • Outdoor Rental LED Display C Series

    Its high-precision material allows you to move them for leasing purposes without harming the entire LED Display. Moreover, it is perfect for outdoor rental since it has high stability and vivid as a “crystal-clear” resolution.

  • LED Screen Rental Outdoor B Series 1

    B Series best suits your indoor or outdoor rental purposes. It has an ultra HD effect which results in vivid and crystal-clear images, videos, and animations. In addition, its wide viewing angle allows a large audience to see the content..

  • Outdoor Rental LED Screen H Series

    It is mainly used in stage performances, exhibition demonstrations, celebration etiquette. Also, premium entertainment venues, theme parks, bars, discos, auditorium, grand theatre, large song and dance party, fashion show utilize..

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