LED Ball

LED Ball Displays create a more artistic way of viewing and watching various content. For various creative display events, it is perfect and ideal because it provides precise digital aesthetics.

LED Ball Display may come in various pixel pitches such as P4, P5, P6, and with different installations.


P4 LED Ball

P4 LED Ball is a creative LED display with a ball shape. Its 360-degree viewing angle delivers higher impact visuals that are more eye-catching.

P5 LED Display Ball

LED ball screen has vast pixel pitch options. The most popular one is 4mm; others are 4.8mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 10mm.

P6 LED ball display

P6 LED ball Display or spherical LED display; 360-degree view angle, full color, pixel pitch: 6mm. It is widely used in many fields due to its flexibility..

Product Related Information

YUCHIP LED Ball Display is a perfect choice for numerous creative events. Social gatherings, international or local exhibits will be so much more exciting with ball displays playing various informative and even advertising content.

Our LED Ball display has different pixel pitches, and we also customize your preferred parameter, installation, etc.

LED Ball Displays are perfect for the following events.

  • Concerts
  • Social Gatherings
  • Conferences
  • Exhibits
  • World Fairs
  • International Affairs
  • Children Programs
  • Museums, etc.

YUCHIP Creative Display Products

  • 3D Hologram LED Display

    3D Hologram Fan LED display delivers an outstanding visual experience, powerfully attracts potential customers’ attention. Due to its creative design, excellent advertising performance, competitive price..

  • P6 Indoor Flexible LED Display 1

    Flexible LED Displays are LED screens that you can easily customize. It has a wide application since it can be shaped and resized according to your preferences. It is commonly seen in malls, amusement..

  • Arc Led Display

    Arc LED Display utilizes die-casting aluminum and extrusion aluminum cabinet; curved cabinet, ±5°,±10° and ±30° curve angle adjustable—support hanging up by truss and put a stage stand installation.

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