Stage LED Display

Stage LED Display ignites a more impressive view and creative lighting during an event. It intensifies the music and the theme combined to give the audience a more informative and upfront experience in a concert, flashmob, gaming tournament, product launch, and other events. 

Stage Rental LED Display has a wide range of pixel pitches that you can choose from. YUCHIP’s stage background LED display pixel pitch ranges from P1.5 up to P20 or even P50, depending on your audience and venue capacity. 

Stage background is very significant in an event; it leaves an impression that your audience will remember for years. So, to establish a great event, you need to invest in stage LED displays. Below are some of YUCHIP’s accomplished projects for stage LED displays around the world. 


Product Related Information

YUCHIP is a trusted stage LED display provider from China. Our series of stage rental LED displays have reached various countries in the world. From Asia, Africa, Europe, and America, we have accomplished numerous projects to tell how valued our products are.

We provide stage background LED displays to various indoor and outdoor events. Stage LED display is known for bringing life, creativity, hi-tech, and technology to an event. With its easy content customization, you can conveniently upload, play and change videos, texts, and images to cater to the upbeat music, lighting, and audience requirements.

If you’re thinking about getting a stage LED display for fixed or rental use, we are one message away. Our R&D team will help you customize the LED display of your choice and create the blueprint of your desired project.

Stage LED Display has a wide range of pixel pitches, plus you can choose either indoor or outdoor or rental LED displays.

YUCHIP will also help you to choose the best LED Display that suits your project. Here are where you can use your stage LED Display.

  • Indoor or Outdoor Concerts
  • Flashmobs
  • Fashion Shows
  • Beauty Pageant
  • Product Launches
  • Conferences
  • Company Events
  • Summer Sagas, etc.

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YUCHIP Indoor And Rental LED Display Products

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