Outdoor LED Display Projects

YUCHIP is China’s leading LED Display manufacturer and has been in the business for decades.  Our outdoor LED Displays have been exported to hundred and number of locations around the world.

The outdoor LEDs wide application and effective advertising make it even more prominent in various fields and firms.


Large LED Screen Peru

What’s more fascinating than a giant outdoor LED screen? Outdoor advertising creates a more eye-catching scene, in general.

YUCHIP P20 Outdoor Advertising Screens In Peru 3

Outdoor advertising screens give a higher possibility of higher sales since they can accommodate a greater and wider audience. One of our projects in Peru utilized a large outdoor..

Pantallas LED Para Publicidad Paraguay

Small communities and rural areas are now adopting the LED Display use. LED Display provides a clearer and more straightforward message among small or large audiences.

P20 Outdoor Commercial Advertising LED Display Led billboard In Peru 18

Traffic roads may be hustling and overwhelming, especially during working hours where many cars pass by and rush every second. Through LED Displays, you’ll be able to find some entertainment while watching various..

63. P10 Advertising Outdoor LED Display in Thailand

Many outdoor advertising firms believe that LED display use improves their status in many ways. To emphasize, LED advertising has changed significantly many businesses and products over the years.

59. Large Video LED Display of P20 in Germany

LED display can show various content and can work 24/7 especially outdoor displays. In many ways, video LED display helps people to get themselves while hustling and rushing in their everyday lives.

7. P10 Outdoor DIP Led Display In FuJian

Many cities have adopted LED display use, especially outdoor ones. It benefits their businesses and creates wider and more livelihood opportunities.

Outdoor Digital Advertising LED Screen In Macau

Outdoor advertising screens give you knowledge and information about various products and services. Along with that, you’ll get to watch trivia..

58. P16 Outdoor LED Billboard in Italy

Whenever you look around in big cities or even rural areas, you’ll see stunning billboards. Billboards may come for various purposes such as for..

14. P20 Outdoor Large LED Billboards

Outdoor billboards, having large panels and heavyweight need careful and safe installation. One safe and popular outdoor installation is through a column.

47. Outdoor LED Board Display in Russia

YUCHIP has over 17 years of experience as a professional LED Display manufacturer. Our products go through various methods to check and ensure the quality matches your..

P10 Outdoor Dual Maintenance LED Display In France

Dual maintenance displays provide a more convenient way of maintenance, energy-saving, cost-saving, and less workforce.

P10 Outdoor LED Billboards In Turkey

Outdoor LED Billboards serve as an effective information medium in sharing various relative data. One way or another, they’re not seemingly..

61. P10 Outdoor LED Display Panel in Spain

Wherever you are, it seems like technology follows you. Its integration is almost in every aspect of our lives, our daily lives in particular.

45. P16 Advertising LED Screen in Italy

This project utilized a P16 outdoor advertising display; it is an energy-saving, cost-effective and famous product among outdoor display series.

41. LED Advertising Display Screen in Xinjiang Hotel

Advertising is one of the best ways or methods of every business to convey messages and popularize their products and services. In the long run, one effective advertising instrument is the use of large digital LED screens.

Product Related Information

Outdoor LED Display has immense and wide applicability. Generally, outdoor but the application varies from the type, purpose, and installation.

Outdoor LED Display, such as LED Curtain, for example, offers a more digital and convenient view overall. It is often used in traffic roads, outside commercial buildings, and malls, etc.

While almost all outdoor displays sought to attain advertising goals, you can also use them for easy and convenient information sharing, sports venues, entertaining content, etc.

Below are the best locations for an outdoor LED Display.

  • Outside Shopping Malls
  • Wall-mounted on a Commercial Building
  • Concerts
  • Bars and Casinos
  • Super Highways
  • Open Fields
  • Stadiums and other huge venues
  • Local Communities
  • Airports and Terminals
  • Big Cities and Commercial Areas, etc.

YUCHIP Indoor Ultra-thin LED Display Products

  • Indoor HD Ultra Thin Rental Led Display P3.9

    P3 Ultra Thin LED display is of high resolution for indoor rental events that require a high-quality presentation, and its cost is lower for large-sized indoor LED screen use.

  • Ultra Thin Led Display P6.67

    P6.67 ultra-slim LED screen utilizes SMD3528 LED with larger view angle at 140-degree horizontally and vertically; brightness reaches about 6500cd/㎡, making it a vivid image and video presentation even under..

  • P10 Ultra Thin Led Display

    P10 die-casting aluminum rental ultra-thin LED display is a kind of ultra-slim rental LED screen used to replace traditional type rental LED video walls of heavyweight and thicky cabinet.

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