Outdoor Rental LED Display Projects

YUCHIP has produced and manufactured thousands of LED displays, most of which are for outdoor rental products. Our outdoor rental products have reached hundreds of locations across various countries.

In YUCHIP, we continue to develop our outdoor LED displays and integrate the latest technology.


28. Outdoor Rental Led Display In HangZhou P16

Outdoor concerts can always be fascinating through rental displays. One way or another, rental displays offer a convenient and easier way of organizing various events.

P5.95 Outdoor Rental LED Display In Shenzhen 17

Outdoor rental LED displays are your one-stop LED displays for various seasonal and occasional events. One of YUCHIP’s popular outdoor rentals is the P5.95 and is utilized in various rental..

31. Outdoor P10 Renal LED Panel In Swizerland

Are you thinking about how you’ll give your audience an outstanding show? Outdoor rental is there to help you make a stunning yet affordable digital impact.

P6.25 Outdoor LED Display Rental In Budapest 20

Are you a sports fan who loves watching sports matches on television with your family or friends? Outdoor rental displays are here to give an ultra-fine experience. Feel the match while having fun, no need to grab tickets and watch as much as you want.

34. Standard Outdoor Rental LED Display in Nigeria

Are you thinking of how to intensify your outdoor events’ experience? Outdoor rentals are surely the answer to your doubts and questions. YUCHIP has various outdoor rental series where you can choose your perfect display for your needs.

Product Related Information

Outdoor Rental LED Display has so much to offer you for your business, advertising needs, and information sharing. It can quickly spread various information to a large audience because of its size. Also, the rental cabinets have an anti-skid handle, keeping the whole LED display safe and sound during travel and leasing services.

YUCHIP outdoor rental series has wide use and application; for example, our F series is an outdoor rental LED display that can also be used as a rental dance floor. It has a load-bearing capacity of 2 tons.

Outdoor Rental Q Series is also one of YUCHIP’s most prominent outdoor rental displays adopted to both environments; indoors and outdoors.

Outdoor Rental, in general, best fits in the following ideal locations and venues.

  • Concerts
  • Bars, Casinos, Restaurants, and Hotels
  • Outdoor Gatherings
  • Product Launches
  • Airports and other transport terminals
  • School Programs
  • Flashmobs
  • Fashion Shows
  • Advertising Events
  • Local Communities, etc.

YUCHIP Outdoor Advertising Products

  • P5 Outdoor HD Advertising LED Display 140sqm In Vietnam

    P5 Outdoor HD LED Display has advanced cabinet design, seamless, ensuring the entire screen’s flatness. It comes with three years warranty, easy to install & maintain.

  • P6 Outdoor Commercial Advertising LED Wall has reliable quality, advanced and mature technology, and is compliant with industrial standards and technology..

  • P10 DIP Outdoor Commercial Led Display

    P10 DIP Outdoor Commercial LED Display is widely chosen for large-size outdoor LED billboard projects. It has a standard LED cabinet of IP65, waterproof and dustproof.

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