LED Curtain

LED Curain Is Perfect To Be Used As Large LED Media Facade Multiple Pixel Pitch LED curtain is perfectly used as large LED media facade. YUCHIP LED curtain provides a wide variety of pixel pitch range from P6.25, P8.33/P16.67, P1.67/P16.67, P20, P25 to P16.67P33.3 etc.

3D Hologram LED Display

3D Hologram LED Display Creates Naked Eye Effect, Smart 3D Display! Hologram fan LED display delivers outstanding visual experience, greatly attract potential customers attention. Due to its creative design, excellent advertising performance, competitive price advantages, 3D hologram fan are applied vastly worldwide as new advertisement media.

LED PostAir

LED PostAir       Pixel pitch:1.875, 2.0,2.5,3.0,4.0,5.0 Refresh rate: >2400 Hz Brightness: 1500-4500nits Cabinet Size: 650mm*1920mm*45mm Cabinet Weight: 57KG       Unique skating design, light weight, single can be pushed away. YUCHIP digital LED PostAir is designed with optional installation ways: 90 degree stand, Movable wheels, Wall mounted, Hanging up installation…


P6 Indoor Flexible LED Display     Pixel pitch: 6.0mm Module resolution:32*32 dot Brightness:  800-1200 nits Moudle Size: 192mm*192mm*1.6mm Moudle Weight: 85g Ultra-thin   ultra-thin and ultra-light with special materials and advanced technology,

Church LED Screen In Nigeria From YUCHIP

Total Size: 28㎡
Location : Nigeria


Pixel pitch: 25mm
Brightness : >6000CD/㎡


IR6.25 Indoor LED Display Rental Pixel pitch: 6.25mm Refresh rate: 960Hz Brightness: 800-1200CD/㎡ Cabinet Size: 500mm*500mm Cabinet Weight: 6kg

Taxi Top LED Display

Taxi Top LED Display P2.5 P5 P6 Outdoor LED Taxi Top Display is a new type of electronic media advertising with elegant and attractive appearance, mainly installed on taxis, buses and other vehicles as a terminal carrier, the purpose is to form a new generation of networked, intelligent, digital outdoor media.

YUCHIP Sphere Display

Sphere display (we can also call them sphere LED screen or LED panel, LED global, LED ball) is a creative LED display with a ball shape.

Glass Transparent LED Display

Transparent Glass LED Display Our product is Glass Curtain Wall LED Display (transparent), which can be easily fixed on the surface of the curtain wall, and it is not necessary to change any Building structure. High Transparent Effect More than 80% of the perspective effect retains the function of glass lighting perspetive,it almost can not see…


P8.0 Rental and Perimeter LED Display Pixel pitch: 8 mm Refresh rate: >2000 Hz Brightness: ≥6000CD/㎡ Cabinet Size: 1024*768*76mm Cabinet Weight: 26kg YUCHIP rental and perimeter led display can be applied to sports Stadium such as the basketball hall, football pitch perimeter LED screen, install fast 10 seconds to complete the installation. Indoor Cast Aluminium , Quick Assemble…

Mobile Truck Led Display

Mobile Truck Led Display: External dimension: 7970x2270x3900mm; 4700mm wheelbase; 4800x3200mm P10 screen; Screen with hydaulic lifting and rotating function; User-friendly multimedia configuration P10 full color outdoor LED large screen, monochrome screen bar, roller light box, high-power audio equipment, the effect of media show is outstanding, convenient and stable. 6 square meter wide-screen design Aspect ratio close


Pixel pitch: 1.9mm
Brightness: 500-1000 nits

P6 Outdoor Rental LED Screen

Pixel pitch: 6mm
Brightness : ≥6000 CD/㎡

IF6.0 Indoor LED Display

Pixel pitch: 6mm
Brightness : ≥1000CD/㎡


Pixel pitch: 10mm
Brightness : ≥7500 CD/㎡

P6 LED ball display

FeaturesParametersInstallation LED ball Display shape led advertising display spherical LED display 360 degree view angle, full color Pixel Pitch : 10mm Irregular shape led advertising display is designed by the customers’ special requirements. It is widely used in many fields due to its flexible in assemble and control. 360 degree view angle, full color.

P10 Full Color Outdoor LED Display Screen

FeaturesParameters P10 Full Color Outdoor LED Display Screen uses state-of-art LEDs, which has the brightness for indoor and outdoor application. The LED display has the advantage of excellent flatness, super uniform color and brightness. The LED Display has long viewing distance. The outdoor LED display screen cabinet of the rental LED display use aluminum which make…


Pixel pitch: 3mm
Brightness : 800-1200CD/㎡

P4 Indoor Hanging Led Ball

Led Ball is a wonderful audio and video player!
It is a sharp weapon of advertising,Led Ball also an ideal decoration!

4. p3 Ultra Thin Led Screen

P3 Ultra Thin LED display is of high resolution for Indoor rental events that require high quality presentation and its cost is being lower for large size Indoor LED screens use;

P10 Ultra Thin Led Display

P10 Die Casting Aluminum Rental Ultra Thin LED display is a kind of ultra slim rental LED screen that used to replace traditional type rental LED Cabinet.

P6.25 Rental Led Screen

P6.25 Rental Led Screen die casting aluminum rental LED display is widely used for concerts,events,TV studios etc.
Ultra light weight: Utilizing die casting aluminum LED cabinets;

P10 Led Billboard

FeaturesParametersApplication 1. P10 Led Billboard is of high resolution 10000 pixels per square meters; 2. P10 Outdoor LED billboard cost is being much lower compared to years before, and it’s being widely choose for large size outdoor LED billboards projects; 3. Standard LED cabinet of IP65,waterproof and dustproof; 4. High brightness up to 8000cd/㎡,and special requirement LED…

P3.75 Rental LED Display

P3.75 Rental Led Display Screen Feature:Rental Led Display LED Cabinet Size: 480mm x 480mm x 65cm;Refresh frequency above 2400HZ

P16 Led Billboard

FeatureParametersApplication 1. P16 LED Billboard is of most popular choose since elctronic LED sign is developed; 2. P16 LED Billboard Standard LED cabinet of IP65,waterproof and dustproof; 3. P16 Outdoor LED billboard is being widely choose for large size outdoor LED billboards projects; 4. High brightness up to 8000cd/㎡,and special requirement LED screen projects can reach 10,000nits; 5,…

P8 Led Billboard

FeaturesParametersApplication 1, P8 Led Billboard is of high resolution for outdoor fixed LED billboard projects; 2, P8 Led Billboard is of high resolution at 15625 pixels/㎡; 3, Easy maintenance, there are no screws between LED module and cabinet ,which can be easier to disassemble and install,it only take a few seconds to disassemble; 4, DIP246 P8 Led Billboard is…

P25 Led Billboard

FeatureParametersApplication 1. P25 LED Billboard is cost effective and suitable for large size outdoor LED screens & LED displays; 2. P25 LED Billboard IP65 waterproof and dustproof for outdoor electronic billboards use; 3. High quality image and video presentation for large size LED billboards advertising use; 4. Enough brightness to deliver a clear image and…

P4.75 Single Color Message LED Display

P4.75 single color Message LED Display also know as Monochrome LED screen can be used in single red color LED display,single amber LED screen, single blue color LED sign etc.The LED technology could be SMD and DIP as project needs.

P20 Full Color Led display

Outdoor P20 Full Color LED Display is mostly used as large size LED billboards to replace traditional static advertising billboards. Introduction: According to its usage, outdoor P20 full color led display can be divided into billboard, advertising board, mobile panel, curtain, traffic and rental screen. According its shape, outdoor full color led display can be divided…

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