Rental LED Display Screen Projects

Rental LED Display screens are your convenient and ultimate choice for rental events. With this product, you can easily decorate and bring an ultra-fine experience to your audience.

Also, you can use them for leasing services; thus, you can extend your profit.


YUCHIP Stadium Rental P4.8 LED Display Debut in Hungary 2

Sporting events expect a vast number of spectators. And one way to help them appreciate and enjoy the game is by providing them with a more excellent view and information,..

28. Outdoor Rental Led Display In HangZhou P16

Outdoor concerts can always be fascinating through rental displays. One way or another, rental displays offer a convenient and easier way of organizing various events.

P5.95 Outdoor Rental LED Display In Shenzhen 17

Outdoor rental LED displays are your one-stop LED displays for various seasonal and occasional events. One of YUCHIP’s popular outdoor rentals is the P5.95 and is utilized in various rental..

31. Outdoor P10 Renal LED Panel In Swizerland

Are you thinking about how you’ll give your audience an outstanding show? Outdoor rental is there to help you make a stunning yet affordable digital impact.

P6.25 Outdoor LED Display Rental In Budapest 20

Are you a sports fan who loves watching sports matches on television with your family or friends? Outdoor rental displays are here to give an ultra-fine experience.

P6.25 Indoor Rental LED Video Wall In Hungary

Indoor events wouldn’t be complete without LED displays that set an immense ambiance through lighting and a digital atmosphere. Whatever indoor events you’ll have,..

Stage Rental LED Display

ASEAN is one of the international summits that is held annually. ASEAN is an organization composed of countries from Southeast Asia. In the recently concluded ASEAN Summit, YUCHIP provided a P6 indoor rental LED..

34. Standard Outdoor Rental LED Display in Nigeria

Are you thinking of how to intensify your outdoor events’ experience? Outdoor rentals are surely the answer to your doubts and questions. YUCHIP has various outdoor rental series where you can choose your perfect display..

36. YUCHIP Rental LED Display in Shenzhen

Stage performances need LED displays to gain more audience and to seem more creative with visuals and lightings. Indoor rental display, for example, has enough capacity to make your events more valuable and exciting.

10. P4 Indoor Rental Led Wall Advertising In GuangZhou

Many events occur once in a while, annually or seldom than that, so many event organizers wonder how to get their events to become fascinating. On the other hand, rental displays are there to save the day and give your audience an ultra-fine experience.

Product Related Information

Rental LED Display Screen has so much to offer you and to everyone watching the content. It brings a more intense and ultimate viewing experience suit for various events, whether indoor or outdoor.

Rental LED Display Screen has a various pixel pitch range from P1.9 to P20, and we also customize your chosen parameters, sizes, and module.

Many events use a rental display because it brings more audience and creates a more excellent appearance and friendlier ambiance. Thus, rental LED display screens are best for the following events, installations, and locations.

  • Shopping Malls
  • Concerts
  • Flashmobs
  • Conferences
  • Stadiums
  • Sporting Events
  • Community Gathering
  • Company Party
  • Local Events
  • Restaurants and Hotels
  • Casinos and Bars, etc.

YUCHIP Indoor Full Color LED Display Products

  • P3 Indoor SMD LED Display 9

    P3 Indoor Fixed LED Display is of high resolution for Indoor rental events that require a high-quality presentation, and its cost is lower for large-sized indoor LED screen use.

  • Commercial Full Color Led Display P4

    P4 Commercial Full Color LED Display adopts a high-quality LED Lamp,2500:1 contrast ratio, and high grayscale. It provides a higher picture and visual feast, making..

  • P5 Full Color SMD Indoor Led Screens

    P5 Full Color SMD Indoor LED Screen has smooth display image, shooting with 2000Hz refresh rate even under 1/2000 professional shutter camera shooting..

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