Sports LED Display

Sports are almost necessary events of today’s generation. People are all fond of various ball games and sporting events. 

YUCHIP has specialized in manufacturing sports LED Displays such as perimeter boards, scoreboards, etc.


P10 LED Screen Scoreboards in Beijing

LED Scoreboards contribute a lot to many sporting events. It provides a clearer view and gives the spectator the needed information to enjoy the game well.

P20 Sports LED Display in Brazil

Sports LED Display helps every spectator to enjoy the utmost experience of a live event such as sports and matches. While you enjoy the view, you’ll also access other information..

P20 Football Perimeter LED Display in Turkey

People love sports so much like it’s a necessary thing for us. It’s evident in what and how people show their love for sports, like thousands of sporting events and other sports-related..

YUCHIP Stadium Rental P4.8 LED Display Debut in Hungary

Sporting events expect a vast number of spectators. And one way to help them appreciate and enjoy the game is by providing them with a more excellent view and information, basically with the LED Display.

Product Related Information

Sports LED displays are an important part of a sporting event. Meanwhile, it brings an intense factor and an exciting feeling during a live match.

Sports  LED Display series includes perimeter LED Display, scoreboards, advertising LED billboards, etc.

The following are some sports that surely need an LED Display.

  • Swimming
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Track and Field
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Cricket
  • Soccer
  • Tennis, etc.

YUCHIP Outdoor Full Color Advertising LED Products

  • Ultra Thin Led Display Outdoor Full Color P25.6

    P25.6 Ultra Thin Outdoor Display is ultra-light and ultrathin and requires low load-bearing. The cabinet adopted the latest design ideas; it only has the frame without the frame connection in the middle..

  • P10 Full Color Outdoor LED Display Screen

    P10 Full Color Outdoor LED Display Screen uses state-of-art LEDs, which have the brightness for indoor and outdoor applications. The LED display has the advantage of excellent flatness,..

  • P8 Outdoor Commercial Led Display

    P8 Outdoor Commercial LED Display is used chiefly as high resolution fixed installation outdoor LED screens. It has a high contrast ratio at 4000:1 to display the actual and natural color of image and..

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