Transparent LED Wall

YUCHIP transparent LED wall has a stable quality and steady performance and is perfect for outdoor or indoor installation. Our products are certified by various quality assurance and legal authorities for international usage.

Our clear LED wall has various installation options. You can use them for advertising in shopping malls, retail stores, product launches, trade shows, and so on.

The glass LED wall is equipped with standard material and components that can last for 8-12 years of service. Also, we provide prompt technical support and guidance and a 3-5 years warranty as part of our after-sales service.


Product Related Information

A transparent LED wall has a glass-like texture and design and is very common among various locations in big cities today. Its transparency and translucent properties allow light and air to pass through the mesh screen, achieving a good heat transfer on the screen (especially for outdoor installation).

Also, everyone can see the view behind the screen; that’s why a clear LED wall is perfect for hotels and buildings with glass walls. You can two types of installation for a glass LED wall; fixed and hanging. The top beam is attached to the ceiling or a metallic bar hanging the entire floor screen in a hanging installation. It includes the use of horizontal or vertical bars that serve as support for the whole transparent screen. Meanwhile, for a fixed structure, the transparent screen can be embedded directly into the wall, saving costs for installing bars.

YUCHIP is a reliable partner you can trust for transparent, clear, and glass LED walls. We are one message away, and we look forward to working with you.

A transparent LED Wall Display has translucent properties to see the objects behind the LED Display. It creates a more digital atmosphere and a more pleasing appearance in general.

You can install transparent LED Displays in both indoor or outdoor environments. You can use them indoors like,

  • Display for retail stores
  • Government Facilities
  • Concerts Entrances
  • School Fairs
  • Theaters Ticket Booths
  • Shopping Malls, etc.

While for outdoor use, you can install them as:

YUCHIP Catalog

YUCHIP Digital Advertising Products

  • LED Curtain

    LED Curtain’s brightness reaches up to 8000 nits in the daytime and drops to lower brightness automatically in the nighttime.

  • 3D Hologram LED Display

    3D Hologram Fan LED display delivers an outstanding visual experience, greatly attracts potential customers’ attention.

  • Taxi Top Advertising Display

    Taxi Top LED Display is a new type of electronic media advertising with an elegant and attractive appearance, mainly installed on taxis and buses.

  • Commercial Display

    Commercial LED Display is known as commercial advertising LED screen, and it ranges from outdoor LED screen to indoor LED display.

  • Rental LED Wall C Series

    Rental LED Wall C Series has a high-precision material that allows you to move them for leasing purposes without harming the entire LED Display.

  • Curved LED Display

    The P4 Curved LED Display, with either inward or outward curves, is a perfect choice for shopping mall advertising. It utilizes Nationstar LED.

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