Taxi Top LED Display

Taxi Top LED Display is a new type of electronic media advertising with an elegant and attractive appearance. It is mainly installed on taxis, buses, and other vehicles as a terminal carrier; the purpose is to form a new generation of networked, intelligent, digital outdoor media.

This media is an integration of outdoor, electronics, mobile and Wi-Fi, etc.


Taxi Top LED Display

In Taxi Top Advertising Display, you will see original and vivid display effects in this scope with color excursion free and image distortion.

Product Related Information

Taxi Top LED Display is one of YUCHIP’s mobile advertising LED Display series.

Since mobile LED Display travels from one place to another, it can reach out to various locations and convey messages to thousands of audiences.

You can see the display on busy roads, traffic, outside big shopping malls and retail stores, etc.

Here are sample locations for your taxi top LED Display.

  • Outside Shopping Malls
  • Around big cities
  • Along traffic roads
  • Around concerts ad outdoor programs
  • Outside commercial and residential buildings
  • Leisure areas like bars and casinos
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Schools and government offices
  • Outside sporting venues, etc.

YUCHIP Mobile Advertising Products

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    Mobile Truck LED Display is an important advertising medium for outdoor events and advertising campaigns based on its unique advanced structure feature.

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