Taxi Top LED Display

YUCHIP’s Taxi Top LED Display provides a more convincing and friendlier way of advertising and bringing brand awareness into reality. Aside from advertising, you can also show and play various knowledgeable content simultaneously.

The LED Screens in a taxi top undergo series of tests to ensure steady and quality performance.


Taxi Top LED Display in Thailand

Size: 0.8㎡
Location: Thailand

Advertising may come in many ways and various methods. One effective way is the use of mobile advertising such as taxi top LED display.

Product Related Information

The taxi top LED Display has movability features that allow it to change locations and positions from time to time. Because of that, it can easily reach your target prospects in a day or few hours of operation.

Also, a taxi top brings a friendlier ambiance to a mobile vehicle, persuading passengers to ride on it. Though taxi top can be everywhere, here are few spots to best position a mobile advertising display.

  • Outside Shopping Malls
  • Around big cities
  • Along traffic roads
  • Around concerts ad outdoor programs
  • Outside commercial and residential buildings
  • Leisure areas like bars and casinos
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Schools and government offices
  • Outside sporting venues, etc.

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