Traffic LED Display

What’s more entertaining than watching some content while waiting for the train, flight, or while caught in a traffic jam? The latter has been a struggle by many in big cities and crowded areas, mainly in the morning and late evening.

With YUCHIP’s Traffic LED Display, you can be entertained with various advertisements and information randomly playing.


P10 Outdoor Dual Maintenance LED Display in France

Dual maintenance displays provide a more convenient way of maintenance, energy-saving, cost-saving, and less workforce. You can also decide which side works for you, either the rear..

YUCHIP P3 Traffic LED Display Screen In Beijing Metro

Through technology, conveying information becomes easier and more convenient. One example is installing LED displays for information and advertising in various transportation sites like trains, buses, etc.

Product Related Information

Traffic LED Display applies to various locations and vicinities. Considering its size and view, you can place it in numerous areas where many people gather. Below are a few of those sample places.

  • Traffic Roads
  • Train Stations
  • Airports
  • Bus Terminals
  • Carports and other mobile vehicles
  • Shopping malls
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Building Roof, etc.

YUCHIP Indoor Ultra-thin LED Display Products

  • 4. p3 Ultra Thin Led Screen

    P3 Ultra Thin LED display is of high resolution for Indoor rental events that require a high-quality presentation, and its cost is lower for large-sized indoor LED screen use.

  • Ultra Thin Led Display P6.67

    P6.67 ultra-slim LED screen utilizes SMD3528 LED with larger view angle at 140-degree horizontally and vertically; brightness reaches about 6500cd/㎡, making it a vivid image and video presentation even..

  • P10 Ultra Thin Led Display

    P10 die-casting aluminum rental ultra-thin LED display is a kind of ultra-slim rental LED screen used to replace traditional type rental LED video walls of heavyweight and thicky cabinet.

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