Truck & Trailer LED Screen

Truck and trailer LED display sets your advertising technique to the next level. With its broad scope to the various content playing, it’ll surely give your audience a more delicate taste of entertainment and brand awareness at the same time.

It is common among big cities worldwide, but the demand is rising significantly even in rural areas.


P16 Trailer Led Display In Germany

Area: 9㎡

Pixel: P16

Location: Germany

Trailer LED Display leaves a thrilling experience for the viewers. Since it has movability features, it can manage to reach various places and huge audiences as well.

Mobile Truck Led Panel In America

Area: 29㎡

Pixel: P16

Location: USA

Mobile Truck enables more and more people to see advertising or other related content. It creates a wider and higher possibility that the product you’re advertising might go on..

Trailer LED Screen in Germany

Area: 5.5㎡

Pixel: P10

Location: Germany

We recommend truck & trailer LED screens to run at a speed less than 30km/h to allow the audience to enjoy events, entertainment, and advertising content.

Truck LED Screen in Italy

Area: 12㎡

Pixel: P10

Location: Italy

Truck LED Screen is part of our mobile advertising display series. The truck display has the sole purpose of advertising and sharing quick information, providing entertainment to audiences in various locations.

Product Related Information

YUCHIP’s mobile advertising display includes the truck and trailer LED screen, which means it is solely for advertising, but you can also use it in many ways.

The truck and trailer have specially designed LED screens that can stand simultaneous travel and transporting. The LED screens can play various content in a 24/7 status and are equipped with automatic and convenient plug-ins.

Truck and trailer are typical among the following areas:

  • Big cities
  • Outside Shopping Malls
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Flashmob Programs
  • Summer Concerts
  • Beaches and Seaside Locations, etc.

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