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LED Video Display: Upgrade Your Vision, Bring Your Space To Life


When creating a one-of-a-kind design for your space, YUCHIP offers industry Leading LED display technology and solutions to transform your space into a digital world. Creating an incredible customer experience is imperative to turning in more revenue.

What makes your experience different? YUCHIP has products designed for installation, allowing for almost any configuration, shape, curve, and size to meet the needs of your specific project. We have experience working with designers and architects already working to make the process as seamless as possible.

YUCHIP prides itself on being a China-based LED display manufacturer, and we feel this still means something. Our team is dedicated to creating and servicing clients with quality, craftsmanship, and communication, allowing us to deliver every step of the LED display design and installation process to our customers.

  • Outdoor LED TV Screen
  • Large LED Screen
  • Outdoor LED Panel TV
  • LED Video Display Board
  • Outdoor LED Video Wall
  • Large LED Video Screens
  • Big LED Video Wall
  • Outdoor LED Video Panels
  • Outdoor Video Wall Displays


  • We desire to meet your technical measures in every LED Display product and provide you the quality parts and equipment.
  • YUCHIP has a spacious factory perfect for the customization of various indoor and outdoor LED display solutions.
  • We have certifications issued by the government and authorities, so you are safe and sure of outstanding services and products.
  • Our products have been exported to 102 countries worldwide, receiving positive feedback from our valued clients.
  • We partner with famous, quality LED display spare parts companies; that’s why our products come with steady performance in the long run.


  • YUCHIP has skilled and highly professional engineers who will help you develop a good design for your LED project. Once the details are final, production will start immediately.
  • During production, YUCHIP will keep you posted on the changes and the progress of the LED products.
  • Upon assembling modules, the LED Display will undergo a series of aging tests to make sure every part is proper and sound.
  • The LED Display cabinets come with a wooden case or flight case to ensure their safety during shipment and transportation.
  • YUCHIP will then hand off the products to the forwarder with logistics information to make sure you will receive the product on time with no issue and damage.
  • High Speed Chip Mounter
  • Crest Welder
  • LED Module QC
  • LED Print Machine
  • Marketing Department
  • LED Taping Machine
  • Production Line
  • LED Display Aging Test
  • LED Display Test
  • Vibration Test
  • LED Screens Package
  • YUCHIP Clients
  • YUCHIP Clients
  • YUCHIP Clients
  • YUCHIP And Team
  • YUCHIP Clients
  • YUCHIP Clients
  • YUCHIP Clients
  • YUCHIP Clients
  • YUCHIP Clients


  • YUCHIP provides intelligent LED solutions, flexible online technical support, and reliable after-sales service.
  • We have engineers and a support team who can give you online, call or phone support or even on-site checking to assess the issue and help you resolve it right away.
  • Our service does not end upon accomplishing delivery of the products; we continue to develop and maintain the system in the long run. Also, we will need your feedback on what to improve, and your satisfaction is our utmost goal.
  • The warranty procedures come at no cost, and we will help you get through the problem promptly.
  • If you have questions, suggestions, and further inquiries, we are open to you.


  • YUCHIP has projects exported to hundreds of countries around the world. Each project has outstanding and positive feedback from our clients.
  • Our projects range from indoor, outdoor, perimeters transparent, flexible to rental LED screens. Also, we provide customization to help you meet your preference and choice.
  • Pixel pitch options range from P1.5 to P56 depending on the purpose, installation, space, and maintenance available.
  • Our world-class projects comprise LED screens for concerts, outdoor events, exhibits, sports stadiums, stage performances, and other rental events. We also provided various transport stations such as airports, bus terminals, carports, traffic roads, etc.
  • Transparent LED Video Wall
  • Stadium LED
  • Stadium LED
  • Outdoor LED
  • Outdoor LED
  • Indoor LED And Stadium Display
  • Indoor LED
  • Flexible LED
  • Flexible LED
  • YUCHIP Soft LED Display
  • Flexible LED Display Panels
  • YUCHIP Clients And Team
  • YUCHIP Clients And Team
  • YUCHIP And Team
  • Yuchip Overseas
  • YUCHIP In Saudi
  • YUCHIP Team And Clients
  • Our Clients
  • Clients And YUCHIP
  • YUCHIP Team
  • R & D Team
  • Successful Customer Story


  • YUCHIP started in 2004, and since our establishment, we were able to achieve our goal, serving people with their LED Display needs.
  • With hundreds of projects we’ve accomplished in numerous countries, we established friendlier transactions among our valued clients.
  • Our goal is to export products and bring people closer through our LED displays that help many businesses. Individuals overcome difficulties and achieve milestones in their respective fields of interest.
  • Over the years, we’ve always accomplished to satisfy our clients with our products, support system, guidance, and camaraderie.


  • YUCHIP participates in various international exhibits, affairs, and expo around the world.
  • Our LED products come with numerous certifications and acknowledgments from numerous international exhibits.
  • We make sure to develop our LED products from time to time, integrate the latest technology, and introduce them in various locations in the world.
  • YUCHIP’s LED Display products and solutions come with justifiable and affordable prices together with quality parts and services.
  • We will help and provide you with customization, options, maintenance, installations, warranty, etc.
  • YUCHIP Great Success: 2019 GRAFINCA Exhibition In Peru
  • GRAFINCA exhibition6
  • GRAFINCA exhibition5
  • GRAFINCA exhibition4
  • GRAFINCA exhibition3
  • GRAFINCA exhibition2
  • 2019 GRAFINCA exhibition6
  • 2019 GRAFINCA exhibition5
  • 2019 GRAFINCA exhibition4
  • 2019 GRAFINCA exhibition3
  • 2019 GRAFINCA exhibition1

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