P8 Outdoor LED Display and Perimeter LED Display in Sport Stadium

P8 Outdoor and indoor rental LED display hanging up as LED scoreboard; It’s movable and applied for events, concerts stage background LED display as well.

P8 SMD3535 outdoor LED display as perimeter LED screen, its main structure features as below:
Aluminum cabinet;
Adjustable back bracket;
Strengthen hanging pole in each cabinet;
Soft bar/pillow on top of each cabinet, projecting players;
Fast lockers between each cabinets, fast assembly and seamless tightly;

YUCHIP Stadium Led Display Led Billboard In India

YUCHIP Outdoor P16 Stadium LED display of 185sqm. Project info as below:
1. P16 1RGB;
2. Led billboard size: 18.432m x 9.984m;
3. Display resolution: 1152 x 624 pixels;
4. Signal input: SDI and HDMI via video processor;
5. Communication method: Single mode fiber optic;
6. Display application: Live broadcast and LED scoreboard;

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