Stage LED Wall Display: A Must In The New Normal


1. Introduction


Stage LED screens are LED video walls that make stage events more colorful, attractive, captivating, and engaging. Today, as the world starts to recover from the onslaught of the pandemic, stage events are going back on track.

Many concerts and music awards have begun resuming their annual events. Also, tourist numbers are already fluctuating in countries that have opened their borders.

Stage LED Wall Display
Stage LED Wall Display

Meanwhile, stage LED screens are vital for events, making an occasion even more fun and themed. This article will explain why you need a step LED screen during pandemic recovery.


2. Reasons Why You Need A Stage LED Wall Display Today


The pandemic struck every inch of us in a very negative way. It made us cancel our plans, vacations, and important events and took a toll on our overall mental health. But despite the various harmful effects, it also helped us realize the importance of life and being with our loved ones. These trying times make us stick with our close circles as we battle towards a new normal.

Stage LED Wall Rental
Stage LED Wall Rental

Experts say it might take time for us to get used to a new normal where face masks are already part of our everyday lives. But inevitably, many fields and sectors are already recovering significantly. One of those is the tourism, technology, and entertainment industries, and we are hopeful things will get even better in the coming days.

As part of the recovery, many events are now utilizing stage LED screens again. Furthermore, here are reasons why you need a stage LED screen today.

  • Virtual Presence And Presentations

Stage LED screens can present virtual effects and videos. Today, many countries haven’t opened their borders yet, and some important events cannot allow foreign visitors to come. However, they can be present through LED screens, see the audience just like in a live show or conference, and collaborate with the activities and schedule.

For example, international summits chairpersons may not be complete physically as international travel is still restricted; the speaker can share their message through video call, recorded video, or a live streaming app. It has so much to offer and is versatile enough to cope with the current situation.

Stage LED Design
Stage LED Design
  • Social Distancing Ideals

Social distancing is a vocabulary we may have already been familiar with since the end of 2019. In events such as conferences, authorities may still require us to have social distancing. And to give the best visuals to everyone accumulating ample space, you’ll surely need a large piece of equipment to make it possible.

Also, a stage LED screen of colossal size and high pixel pitch is advisable to give way for social distancing and help people sitting at the rear side see your content.

  • No Physical Audience

In countries where the virus is high, it is almost impossible to allow people to get into a studio or a hall for an event. And to make way, still, for events like concerts, fund-raising events, awarding, and beauty pageants. It makes way for virtual interaction.


3. If Stage LED Screens Are Suitable For Events With Smaller Venues Like Weddings?


Yes, you may have your own LED wall stage at your wedding. Nowadays, it’s becoming more common to have an LED screen as a backdrop for weddings.

You may choose to have stage LED displays on any occasion, event, or celebration. Aside from being a glaring and beautiful backdrop, an LED screen on your wedding stage can show live what is happening at your wedding.

LED Screen Backdrop
LED Screen Backdrop

Everyone can see you and your partner as you speak your vows. All attendees will also have the opportunity to see everyone as they walk down the aisle during the procession and more. You can also use this to display a slideshow of pictures of you and your partner’s journey before and after you met each other.

Using an LED video wall on stage over a traditional projector on your wedding day gives you many benefits.

For example, You request a customized screen size depending on your venue and the number of people attending your wedding. You may also customize the content anytime. And most importantly, it is way more fashionable to have LED screens than have a projector that can obstruct the view of some.


4. What Type Of Content Can Be Displayed On The LED Stage Screen?


Stage Outdoor LED
Stage Outdoor LED

You can play or show almost any content through your stage LED screens. You could play videos since the LED screen on stage is designed to support all major video file formats like AVI and MPEG.

Additionally, you can connect a Blu-ray disc player and DVD player to your LED screen. LED screen software is capable of loading video files from DVD. Displaying stage LED screen content is almost the same as adding a monitor to your computer.

LED screens have ports so you can tie in audio and video files. LED screens have XLR input for your audio feed, and video signals can connect via HDMI, DVI, VGA, D Port, and SDI connections. To engage your audience, you may also display live camera feeds or social media posts; the internet provides live updates, real-time surveys or polls, etc.


5. Conclusion


Technology is already part of our everyday ventures. Our lives have become even more convenient and exciting as a fruit of science and inventions. Utilizing these technological devices has also made our business, establishments, and recreational activities more fun and appealing.

In these trying times, LED screen devices are some sources that can make your events more fun and appreciated. Other than mentioned above, there are still more uses of a stage LED screen that you can apply to it.

LED Screen Stage
LED Screen Stage

Above all, apart from choosing the best product for your needs, selecting your provider is also significant. When these two are matched, your investment could grow into a valuable one and can help you leverage your goals.

The pandemic doesn’t stop us. It fuels us even more, to be better and choose the best. The best is only from YUCHIP.

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