Street Light Pole LED Display: A Modern And Interactive Digital Signage


Today, street light pole LED display is prevalent in intelligent cities, large areas, and urban places. Since these places tend to have a lot of people, having these devices on the streets can also help keep the city in sync and let people know about rules, information, and emergencies. 

What Is A Street Light Pole LED Display?

Street Light Pole LED

Street light pole LED is a type of lighting technology used for street lighting that utilizes light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as the light source. LED streetlights are becoming more popular because they use less energy, last longer, and cost less. It is compared to high-pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide (MH) lamps, which have been used to light streets for a long time.

Most LED streetlights use 30–50% less energy than regular streetlights and can last up to 100,000 hours. They also provide better color rendering, and digital use, improving road visibility and safety.

The LED technology in street light poles makes it easier to control, as you can handle it over systems and synchronous software. Also, LED street lights are easy to connect to innovative city systems, which makes it possible to control, monitor, and manage street lighting networks from afar.

What Are Its Features?

Street light pole LED displays are digital screens on street light poles that help people in many ways. Here are a few of its features; 


LED displays use much less power than older display technologies and are energy-efficient. This saves money on energy costs and cuts the use of too much power and electricity. Apart from that, LED screens for digital signage are also environmentally friendly. In the case of a street light pole LED display, you can adjust its brightness, and it emits less light pollution into the environment. 

Pole LED

High Brightness

The street light pole LED panels are made of high-quality pixels and diodes, which results in better brightness levels. Even during the day, they are apparent. Drivers, passersby, and civilians will find reading the information accessible. 


The LED displays on street light poles work in all kinds of weather, including rain, snow, and high and low temperatures. They are made of sturdy materials that do not easily rust or deteriorate over time. Street light pole LED screens are also equipped with a higher IP rating, making them indestructible outdoors. 

Manageable Content

You can change the content on the LED displays to show a wide range of information, such as advertisements, public news, and traffic updates. You can also control and optimize your content from a distance. Because of its software, you can access all controls and settings and upload ads. 

Good Quality Street Light Pole LED

Quality Resolution

The LED displays on streetlight poles have a high resolution, making images and videos clear and sharp. And with its unprecedented view, not only does it catch the attention of passersby to read information but also finish ads, remember brands, and more. 

Long Life

Street light pole LED displays have a long life, so they can be fixed less often and keep working for a long time. And when it comes to maintenance, street light pole LED screens can have either front or rear maintenance. 

Easy To Install

LED displays on street light poles are made to be easy to install, with brackets that can be easily attached to the street light poles that are already there. It is also easy to dismantle them if you need to move them. 


LED displays are relatively inexpensive compared to other ways to advertise or spread information. 

The Street Light Pole As A Modern And Interactive Digital Signage

You can turn the street light pole into a modern, interactive digital signage system. Adding digital displays, sensors, and connectivity technologies to street light poles can be used to show real-time information, promote local businesses, and make people safer. Here are a few reasons it is modern, interactive, and relevant to today’s needs. 

LED Display For Street Pole

Digital Displays

Cities can show real-time information like traffic updates, public transit schedules, weather conditions, and emergency alerts by putting digital displays on street light poles. It can ease people’s routines, lifestyles, and day-to-day activities. By using a street light pole LED display, you can quickly relay information to the public, promoting better emergency response and more. 

Guide And Map

Street light pole LED displays can also show maps, directions, and points of interest to help people find their way, not only for local people but also for tourists roaming around and exploring the area. Seeing helpful guides that make a spot friendlier is a great pleasure. 

Street Light Pole LED Display Screen


Businesses in the area can use street light poles as advertising space to show potential customers their goods or services. And we can’t deny those ads played through a digital display are better remembered by the viewers, promoting better brand sensitivity. Some people also prefer to buy items they see advertised because advertisements help customers build trust. 

Public Safety

Sensors can be put on street light poles to monitor traffic and people and spot dangerous situations like icy roads, flooding, or sudden vehicular accidents. In addition, you can also use them to alert law enforcement in the event of an emergency. This way, maintaining peace, order, and safety is done more accessible, more synchronized, and tactfully. 


Street light poles can connect people to the internet and other digital services with Wi-Fi hotspots or cellular connectivity. By guiding people in such needs, people will find the community friendlier and more considerate of their needs. 

How Does It Help With Better Information Relay?

Street light pole LED displays can help with better information relay in several ways, such as the following:


LED displays such as the street light pole LED display are apparent even from afar. Even during the daylight, the information in it can be seen by people easily. 

Real-time Updates

LED displays are easy to change in real-time so that information can spread quickly. This is particularly useful in emergencies, where up-to-date information is necessary. 

Smart City

Multiple Messages

LED displays can show more than one message simultaneously, which lets more information be delivered in less time. This can be useful in situations with a lot of information to convey, such as sudden emergencies, public announcements, warnings, and weather updates. 


It is possible to make LED displays interactive so people can interact with the information. You can do this through touch screens or the use of QR codes. This technology can also help with language barriers, guides for tourists, and other needs of people unfamiliar or new to the area. Also, drivers can ask for updates on whether a road is passable after some situations. Furthermore, it promotes safety and can lessen accidents significantly. 


Street Light Pole LED Panel

LED streetlight pole displays can be an effective way of relaying information to a large number of people quickly and efficiently. You can use them in various settings, including transportation hubs, public spaces, and emergencies.

In addition, it beautifies an area, makes it look fancy with its lights and colors, and makes it friendlier. It can help save lives, and properties, ease people’s activities, lessen accidents, and more. 

So if you need a street light pole LED display to help you with information relay, contact us at

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