Tessera R2

Brompton Technology is a famous brand in the market established in 2012. They provide various LED video processing products for the live events, film, and broadcast industries. Among the known products they provide is the Tessera system, composed of processors, receiver cards, controllers, and software that ease LED display user’s in achieving the maximum potential of their devices. 

From the Tessera system or series is the Tessera R2, considered the most potent receiver card ever, has the following features; Gigabit Ethernet communication, hub board design support, smaller or compressed form, superior grayscale performance, module storage, advanced calibration options, and a lot more. 

The R2 Receiver card is a premium choice you can use for XR LED solutions with a minimal size of 68 x 32 mm. 

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  1. What Is The Tessera R2?

The Tessera R2 is a receiving card developed by Brompton Technology. It takes a new module-based design approach that allows it to produce the most potent ever LED panel receiver card. The Tessera R2 Receiving Card uses cutting-edge technology, ensuring perfect capability, size, features, and more. It supports 262k output pixels; thus, it is ideal for all panels, including sub-2mm, fine pitch products, XR virtual, and HD LED displays. 

The R2 Receiver Card works efficiently with all Tessera processors, packed and equipped with industry-leading features such as Brompton’s intuitive software system, flexible and fast output mapping, HDR, and extensive, accurate color control. Here are more of its advanced functions and features; 

  • Superior Grayscale Performance

This function and feature work perfectly with the exclusive Brompton features Dark Magic and PureTone.

  • Module Storage

The Tessera R2 can read calibration data from the LED modules, so you can swap these modules without recalibrating. 

  • Advanced Calibration Options

It allows video engineers to make on-site tweaks such as applying edge-correction to compensate for mechanical seams between panels using On-Screen Color Adjsutemtn or OSCA. 

Furthermore, the Tessera R2 is considered the most potent receiving card ever. 

  1. What Are Its Features?

The Tessera R2 Receiver Card has the following features;

  • Gigabit Ethernet

The Tessera processors in the Tessera series communicate via Gigabit Ethernet with LED panels fitted with Tessera receiver cards. It also uses the off-the-shelf Gigabit Ethernet networking equipment and cabling. 

  • Hub Board Design Support

Brompton Technology Company provides reference designs to aid hub board design. Their FAE or Field Application Engineers are always available to support the integration of new panels locally or remotely. 

  • Smaller Form Factor

The Tessera R2 measures only 68 x 32 mm, and using the DDR2 SO-DIMM socket to integrate it, the R2 module becomes effortlessly fits in small hub board designs, decreasing its size significantly. 

  • R2+ Option

An R2+ receiver card is an upgrade form of the R2 receiving card; however, it is entirely compatible with the R2 panel designs. It brings moe data pins and capacity to support new LED drivers and other possible technology integration among developing LED screen designs. 

Tessera R2 Parts
Tessera R2

Tessera R2 Specifications


262, 144 RGB Pixel Capacity

16 bit-per-channel processing


Two Gigabit Ethernet Data Connections


DDR2 SO-DIMM Form Factor


All primary driver ICs supported

Up to 144 output data channels

Sensors & UI

Support for sensors (e.g., temperature)

Support for user interfaces (e.g., status LEDs, push buttons)


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