Top 10 LED Screen Suppliers In France


1. LED Display Market In France


Anyone who has any knowledge about France knows how vibrant the country is. Paris is the fashion capital of the world. And do we even need to talk about French cuisine? The French are known for their passion, fine wine, fancy cuisine, and fashion.

And guess what? All this glitz and glamor makes for a fantastic LED Display market. The opportunities for LED displays in France are pretty big. Here are some of the places and uses cases:

  • Advertisers and Communication Agencies
LED Screen Suppliers In France
LED Screen In France

This is one of the biggest markets. France is the place for classy, fashionable, and innovative communication and advertising. That should be a sign of how big it is.

Agencies and brands can use LED screens and displays for advertising jaw-dropping art and digital posters. You can also use them for transparent LED screens for stores front/windows.

  • Event Organizers

Significant, high-profile events are a norm in France. From some of the biggest names in fashion shows to creative ceremonies and large-scale celebrations, event organizers have their work out for themselves in France.

And this is a large market for LED screens as well. An event without proper lighting will look utterly dull. That is why events use high-quality LED displays and screens for illumination and also showcase their products and more.

  • Schools And Churches
LED Display Suppliers In France
School LED Display

Schools and churches are not far behind. High-quality LED screens are very versatile. They can be tailored to fit all sorts of situations. So, many schools and churches can use the LED screen for displaying information. The best part is that these displays can be both outdoors or indoors. This versatility is what makes them so unique and effective.

Nothing brings an event to life like a quality LED setup. You can use it to light up the stage or use it in all kinds of events, from fashion shows to activations.

If you are in France, the problem is not finding a supplier; it is finding the right supplier. So, this guide is all about the top 10 LED screen suppliers in France. When it comes to finding the right supplier, you need to match their expertise with your needs.

That might not be easy sometimes. But these ten suppliers are the top players in the industry right now. So, it would help if you did not have much of a problem. Remember that LED manufacture is also important.


2. Top 10 LED Screen Suppliers In France


One quick search online, and you will find a handful of LED screen suppliers. But when you plan on using it for any outdoor advertising or events. That is why we curated a list of the top 10 LED screen suppliers in France. These brands will take care of all your ecran led exterieur needs.



Our first supplier is LEDCAST. They are one of the undisputed leaders regarding LED screens; they have a history of producing high-quality and reliable products. The best part is that they can make a custom or standard parts for all activities.

When it comes to transparent displays, LEDCAST’s offerings are unbeatable. They even offer accessories, outdoor LEDs, and also rental services. The brand started in 2012; currently operates in Paris and Bordeaux regions.



SUPERVISION is one of the oldest players on this list. They started way back in 1984. All these years of experience mean one thing. The company knows a thing or two about what they are doing.

With SUPERVISION, you can expect some of the highest quality LED screens and displays suitable for all kinds of use cases. They even have a lot of experience supplying large-scale LED displays.

One significant achievement for the company is they were one of the major suppliers for LED lighting in the Le Mans 24-hr race and European Olympics since way back in 1992. So, you can be sure that their products are high-quality.

  1. JSG Technologies

JSG Technologies

A big player in the French LED scene is JSG Technologies. They offer a passionate team with the latest LED technologies and experience in a range of LED products. JSG is one of the best choices for all kinds of digital and modern signage.

Their product offerings are one of the main strengths. With so many varieties, you can be sure that you will find something just right for your needs, whether for a fashion show, school lightning, outdoor event lighting, and more.



COCKTAIL VISION is one of the newer players in the scene. But do not let that food you. COCKTAIL VISION portfolio and products are still some of the most impressive out there.

They are one of the most extensive outdoor large-format advertising networks in France. This considerable success caught the eye of the guys over at Pixity Society in 2017. And in August of that year, Pixity Society decided to acquire COCKTAIL VISION. They offer more than 150 different devices and have 30 departments.



With over 25 years of experience working with indoor and outdoor lighting, WINLIGHT is another giant in the industry. They are headquartered in Alsace and can provide all sorts of lighting for your promotional and communication needs.

Their window screens are perfect. Do not get us wrong, though. The complete range of products they offer is pretty high-quality and can go head-to-head with all the big names in this list. The support is also fantastic.



Want to take your lighting to the next level? How about some video LED screens to drive the point home? Sometimes videos can be more effective than just static displays. And PIXELIGHT does that best.

They can supply LED screens tailored for different use cases and events. Business solutions include shopping malls, fairs, shows, car dealerships, advertising, and communication.

All their LEDs use high-quality components that do not only last long but give you crisp and bright lighting that will liven up the mood. PIXELIGHT knows the value of authentic leadership, and their products are undoubtedly up to that high standard.


This name probably sounds more French than the other suppliers on this list. Well, LED BLUE has experience in the field of over 30 years! That is some severe know-how under their belt. And their product offerings show that.

With LED BLEU, you can rest assured that you will get only the highest quality materials for manufacturing. They can provide giant LED screens, content management, LED display solutions, and more.

All in all, if you need a professional supplier for small to large-scale projects, LED BLEU is a very reliable one.



LUMIPLAN is a reliable LED screen supplier that focuses on the transportation side and intelligent cities. So, if you need to work with someone that has a vision of the future, LUMIPLAN is the name.

They have served several progressive and reputed clients over the years. They can also work on fashionable resorts. Hotels and resorts will see a lot of attractive communication and advertising potentials with the right kind of indoor or outdoor LED screens. And given how high-qualityLUMIPLAN’ss products are, they will be just at home in even the most premium resorts.



When it comes to anything lighting and LED-related, NOVELTY GROUP has some of the most versatile LED screen offerings you can imagine. They pride themselves on what they stand for, a technical partner with over 40 years of experience.

France has four Paris, Toulouse, Cannes, and Bordeaux hubs. They produced 3000 events last year. So, they know how to put on a show. And their LED products are fantastic as well.

They specialize in field events and outdoor advertisements. But given their dynamic portfolio, we do not think that there are many challenges NOVELTY GROUP cannot handle.

  1. CHARVET Digital Media

CHARVET Digital Media

Just visit their website, and see what we are talking about. CHARVET has experience of 40 years and has served plenty of customers since its first inception.

CHARVET supplies some of the most high-quality LED screens out there with some of the most premium components available.


3. YUCHIP: The Most Trusted LED Display Manufacturer


A supplier without the proper manufacturer will not be of much use. When you need a LED screen manufactured, you want to work with someone who has experience working with suppliers from all over the globe and the right technology.

LED Display Screen Suppliers In France

That is why Yuchip is your most trusted LED display manufacturer. We have 16 years of expertise in manufacturing LED screens and displays.

Our equipment is the most advanced to give you not only high-quality finished products but also excellent yields as well. When dealing with your favorite LED supplier, do not forget to ask for Yuchip displays. We are a name you can trust. Contact Us to learn more about our services.


4. Wrapping Up


Now you know what the top 10 LED screen suppliers in France are. Pick the suppliers that work for you, whether you need écran led transparent or affiche-led. But remember, the suppliers are only as suitable as the manufacturer.

Remember to ask for Yuchip Displays for the best quality.

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