Check Out The Top 3 LED Display Ball Suppliers In China


1. Introduction


If you’re after creating a more spacious ambiance for your area, it is best to use the creative display series. In this series, you’ll see various kinds of LED screens converted into different shapes and curves. It includes curved, irregular screens, and especially the LED display ball.

LED Display Ball Suppliers
LED Display Ball

Now, if you’re thinking of getting an LED display ball for your project, you must check which manufacturer to trust. And to save your time searching and background-checking numerous suppliers, we’ll share the top 3 LED display ball manufacturers in China.

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2. What Is An LED Display Ball?


Learning about the product should come firsthand to help you understand the features you need to check when you’re transacting with a supplier. So, the first question should be, what is an LED display ball and what qualities make its design reliable?

An LED display ball is circular and comes in various pixel pitches of your choice. Its size, weight, and design may vary depending on the customization and your project requirements. However, in general, an LED display ball is a circle LED that surely ignites an event with its excellent fabrication and brightness. Here are features you should check.

LED Display Ball Providers
LED Sphere Ball
  • Low Maintenance Requirement. 

Since LED display balls are circular, maintenance might be of little difficulty. This product is unavailable for rear maintenance since the back part of it is enclosed. So, the best option would be by the front, which is easy and quick to perform. In general, LED display balls are typically heavy, mainly if you choose a bigger size and diameter, so it is most likely best to select one with a lower maintenance requirement.

  • No Pixel Failure. 

Its pixel pitches vary, and you can choose any pixel pitch you prefer for your project. And to make sure every pixel and every diode works perfectly, the device undergoes inspections for quality assurance. We ensure that the device is uniform, perfectly crafted, and designed for your needs.

LED Display Ball Manufacturers
LED Circle Display
  • Rigid Material And Chain For Installation. 

LED display balls are typically installed in a hanging position except for hefty ones. In these cases, you must check whether the device has enough rigid materials to support its weight. We are talking about the cabinet and chains for installation.

  • Budget-friendly. 

A wise customer checks on the quality of the product and, at the same time, the price. Knowing whether the product build-up truly matches and justifies its price is necessary. LED screens are a significant investment. That’s why you should know how to ask how and why the product has its price in transacting.


3. The Top 3 LED Display Ball Suppliers In China


Here are the top 3 LED display ball suppliers that you can find in China.

  • Apexls


The Apexls or the Shenzhen Apexls Optoelectronic Co., Ltd is a Ledman Optoelectronics Co., Ltd subsidiary. The company was registered in 2009 with a capital of 3.4 million USD and is located in the Bao’an district.

Their industry park has a factory building (36,000 sqm) and a living building (12,000 sqm) with more than 300 employees. Their products, including the creative, LED display series, have been exported to more than 80 countries across Asia, America, and Europe.

Some of their projects are the P3 mm indoor sphere LED display ball for China Aerospace Science and Technology Plaza and a P5 mm sphere display for Jerusalem, Israel.

  • Leyard


Leyard was founded in 1995 with 5000 employees and over 4000 business partners globally. Among their top-rated products is the LED display ball, which they have exported to various countries worldwide. The company has guiding principles of upholding customer satisfaction at all times and in all projects.

The company believes in SHARE, which stands for Strengthen, Achievement, Reciprocity, and Environment. It is headquartered in Beijing, China.

YUCHIP is a premium LED display brand that provides LED screen products and solutions for your various needs. The LED display ball is among our top-selling LED display products because of its legit high quality, optimized features, and broad applicability.


We are located in the Bao’an district in Shenzhen, was founded in 2004, and has a 15,000 sqm factory area where our staff of 260 crafts, manufactures and ensures the best quality for our every project. We have exported our products to around 120 countries worldwide and have yielded almost 38,500 projects in our nearly two decades in the industry. Some of those projects include the 1.2m LED display ball for World Expo Astana, a 3.6m LED display ball P4 for Argentina National Museum, and a 4.4 diameter transparent LED ball for Jiangsu.

We also provide both indoor and outdoor LED display balls in which diameters may vary from 0.8m,1m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2m, 2.5m, 3.6m, 4.8m, 6m, and customized.

YUCHIP holds firmly to providing reliable and premium quality products, excellent services, and integrated technology at all times. Should you have further questions, you may email us at


4. How Does An LED Display Ball Fascinates An Event?


If you’re thinking of how to excel in your events in terms of creativity, class, and light, the LED display ball, for sure, is the best option. Not only does it give out a realistic feeling and ambiance, but also it perfectly suits any decorations. It can go ahead with any theme, color, or motif and fits perfectly for hanging installation or by a column or stand.

China LED Display Ball Suppliers
LED Display Ball In China

This device suits events like balls, parties, exhibits, trade shows, company launches, and even family gatherings like weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Indeed the success of an event relies on its proper organization, but if you add a digital device to it, it’ll be purely perfect and fantastic.


5. What Factors Do You Need To Consider When Choosing A Reliable Provider?


It takes time to get through to know a trustworthy provider for your project. So here are tips we can give you that will help in knowing whether a provider is truly outstanding or not in the field.

China LED Display Ball Manufacturers
Sphere LED Display
  • Good Track Record. A good track record comes when a provider has numerous projects that are all successful. And in the field of manufacturing, success comes when clients are satisfied with the products and services a manufacturer gives out. It takes sweat, colossal effort, and consistency to gain a rich track record in one field. And so, if a provider has numerous positive feedback, it proves their legitimacy.
  • Experience. Looking at companies’ length of service in a field is not very considerate. However, it is one factor that affects their products and performance. Experience teaches a lot in a general sense, so it is better to see a provider’s service span if you’re up to getting the most reliable devices. On a side note, new companies can also uphold values in manufacturing LED displays.
  • Company Profile. The company profile speaks about a company’s success. It talks about the staff size, staff skills, and whether the company has enough technology to suffice your project. Furthermore, knowing a company profile can come before or after learning about its product.
  • Friendliness. It is very effortless to engage with friendly providers. When staffs are excellent and easy to approach, you’ll indeed have a smooth process for your project.

YUCHIP believes in these factors. We strongly believe that we are not only giving and helping out firms to succeed in business through our products but also bridging differences to attain a common goal in the industry. We always connect and establish camaraderie among our clients across the globe.


6. Conclusion


We hope this article guides and ease you in knowing the top 3 LED display ball suppliers in China. Should you have questions or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact and email us at

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