What Are The Top 3 Taxi-top LED Display Manufacturers In China?


1. Introduction


You may see taxis everywhere. It is among the standard means of transportation in cities and urban areas. But how about cabs mounted with LED screens on top, have you seen any of them? Like typical taxis, the cars mounted with LED screens on top have the same function and purpose for commuters, only that it has an additional part of advertising.

Taxi-top LED Display Manufacturer
Taxi-top LED Display

Taxi-top LED display is among the trending solution today. It is one of the most useful applications for a digital screen that surely eases advertising.

Now, if you’re looking for a provider to help you with these solutions, below are the top 3 taxi-top LED display manufacturers in China.


2. What Is A Taxi-top LED Display?


To understand how to choose the right provider for you, let us help you learn about the product firsthand. So, what is a taxi-top LED display?

Taxi-top LED Screen Manufacturer
Taxi-top LED Screen

A taxi-top LED display is a type of LED screen solution. As the name suggests, an LED screen of your chosen pixel pitch is then placed on top of a car or taxi, having a view on both rights and left sides. It functions as an advertising screen equipped with good color intensity, is waterproof, and makes fewer maintenance requirements.

It is an ideal way to expand your network since the taxi moves, so it is easier to let people know about your brand, products, or services. The greater it covers in transporting commuters, the larger scale of brand ads and broader audience feasibility. And in addition, a taxi mounted with an LED screen makes a friendlier feeling among people and can also increase your profit in the taxi business alone.


3. What Are The Top 3 Taxi-top LED Display Manufacturers In China?


Finding the right partner for a taxi-top LED display project is not easy. You’ll have to consider factors like can the provider give all-out services or whether the supplier can follow your project requirements? Well, needless to worry. Below is the top 3 taxi-top LED screen provider in China.

  • Yaham

Yaham is an LED screen solution company based in China with more than 25 years of expertise and experience in the industry. Besides providing LED screen solutions, Yaham designs, manage and creates content for modern signage. They have accomplished around 50,000 projects across 112 countries over the years.


Yaham’s LED signage solutions are known to many for their reliability and good fabrication. Among the products they offer is the taxi-top LED display, which is in great demand, especially today, during the pandemic.

Yaham has been in the LED screen industry since 1992 and is formally known as Yaham Optoelectronic Co, Ltd. They are located in Shenzhen, China, with an estimated 400 employees working in a 30,000 sqm office and manufacturing factory.

YUCHIP is among China’s leading LED screen solution suppliers and providers and is headquartered in Shenzhen, with a manufacturing site of 15,000 sqm. We were founded in 2004, and since then, we’ve accumulated an estimated 38,500 projects to almost 102 countries in nearly two decades in the industry.YUCHIP Logo

YUCHIP offers a wide choice for your needs. We offer all kinds of LED products and screen solutions, including the taxi-top LED display. We also have LED posters, transparent LED screens, indoor and outdoor LEDs, rental, LED display balls, and much more. Also, apart from our dependable devices, we are known for providing quality services to all our clients.

Should you need help with any of your LED screen projects, here’s our email; manager@yuchip.com. Please send us your inquiries.

  • Unilumin

Unilumin is an LED display company established in 2004 in Shenzhen, China. The company started with a base capital of 86.3 million USD.


They’ve been in the LED display industry for 18 years and have successfully finished numerous projects locally and internationally.
Some of their noticeable projects and breakthroughs are the 60th PRC Anniversary, Shanghai World Expo, Kazan Universide project, Sochi Olympic Winter Games, 4,800 sqm LED screen for Krasnodar stadium in Russia, and a lot more.

Among the top products they provide is the taxi-top LED screen. Furthermore, they are one of the leading taxi-top providers in China.


4. Why Does Taxi Companies Utilize This LED Screen Solution?


Taxi companies and taxi businesses are run by the principle of gaining profits by giving safe transportation to the public. But on the side note of this primary purpose are side hustles taxi companies can also adapt. Especially today, when the price of gas and oil keeps on hiking, it is no question that taxis have also adopted other functions such as advertising.

LED Screen For Taxis
LED Screen For Taxis

Many companies such as Uber and Grab in the Philippines utilize taxi-top LED displays. You’ll see these taxis roaming around the capital city of Manila with delightful and bright cab-top LED screens. These LED screens play various and multiple ads, brands, and companies and share information with the public.

While some may be asking, how can we operate this device? The device is effortless to use. Upon uploading your content, you must set some technicalities such as the interval of videos playing, how many times you will play them, and more. It is quicker since you may access the software through the web and play content simultaneously or different in each location.

This side function of taxis gains more profits for the taxi company itself. Whether advertising their firm or a different brand, the ads they play give higher ROI for the brand. And in return, the taxis look more commuter-friendly and commendable, and travel time can be more enjoyable.


5. How Much Is A Taxi-top LED Display?


Like other LED screen products and solutions, the taxi-top LED can come in various pixel pitches and sizes. However, since this LED screen solution usually comes in smaller and more uniform sizes, they are considerably cheaper than others.

Cab-top LED Display
Cab-top LED Display

So, if you’re considering getting this LED device for your taxi company, you should be ready with at least a 200-1000 USD investment for each piece. This price range may also vary when specific customization and add-ups are applied. If you’re still ponding or considering other reasons for getting, here’s a tip for you:

  1. The taxi-top LED display price can be discounted if you order a larger quantity.
  2. It’ll give you greater profits in the transporting firm as it helps you attract more commuters, especially in cities.
  3. It does not require frequent maintenance as it is designed to stand shocks and shakes.
  4. You may operate it through a computer, a tablet, or even a smartphone with an app or through accessing the software site through the web.
  5. The typical pixel pitch for the device is P2.5 which is of excellent color quality and brightness, has a long life span, and is proven rigid and waterproof in design.


6. Conclusion


Above are the top 3 taxi-top LED screen manufacturers in China. Apart from them, there is still a very long list of a handful of providers you can partner with.

Taxi-top LED Digital Screen
Taxi-top LED Digital Screen

It is no question, and no wonder that almost all firms have used LED display technology in various forms and designs. One of them is the taxi-top LED screen. It offers numerous advantages, as mentioned in this article.

If anything is troubling your mind, whether getting this device or not, please talk to us. Please send us a message at manager@yuchip.com or visit our website; https://www.yuchip-led.com/.

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