Top 7 Best LED Screen Suppliers In Brazil


1. Introduction


LEDs are one the most versatile things. If you own a business, you can create an eye-catching sign outside of your shop for promotion. You can use it for domestic use for ambient lighting, and you can use it in outdoor events as well. The applications are endless. But where do you find the right supplier?

LED Screen Suppliers In Brazil
LED Screen

In recent years, there has been an increase in demand in Brazil for LED displays, or as the Brazilians call it, “Tele De LED.” If you live in Brazil, then this guide is for you. We rounded up the top LED screen suppliers in Brazil. You do not have to shift through hundreds of suppliers and waste time in research. These 7 LED suppliers are the ones you need to care about.


2. Top 7 LED Screen Suppliers In Brazil


When choosing your LED supplier, one of the most important things you need to look for is reliability. That is why these suppliers made it to our list. They are some of the most reliable ones out there.

  1. LedWave


LedWave is one of Brazil’s most dominating LED companies. The company was founded in 2008. So, you can guess that they have a pretty good amount of experience in what they do. They supply LEDs for all different sorts of applications.

You can find LEDs for DJ concerts, fairs, and even lectures or seminars. The high-quality and bright light will surely light up the place instantly. They also provide LEDs to big companies. It shows that they are one of the most trustworthy ones out there.

  1. LED10

If you are looking for suppliers for any event, whether small or large, LED10 is the place to go. They specialize in providing equipment for all kinds of lighting and communication solutions.

You can use their products in applications such as store lighting, car dealer lighting, gas stations, and even illuminating real estate projects. With LED10’s high-quality lights, your real estate will indeed look super attractive.

  1. Eletromidia


Eletromidia is one of the older companies on this list. They were established in 1993. The company has become one of Brazil’s largest out-of-home media companies from its relatively humble beginnings.

This company is dedicated to providing one of the most attractive and high-quality advertising solutions to small and large businesses. That does not mean you cannot use their products for personal or home use. With so many different product offerings, you are sure to find just the right one.

  1. Biodelic


If you work in the scenographic industry, Biodelic is what you need. They are one of the most innovative companies in this sector. The product ranges are phenomenal as well. You can find things like projections, all kinds of LED solutions, and even special assemblies if you need them.

They can create perfect customized solutions for their customers. That is one of the things that makes it stand out from the crowd. Biodelic also partners with scenographers and decorators to help them with professional equipment.

  1. A. Equipamentos

N.A is best known for its LED products primarily used in events and outdoor activations. You can also use their products in video productions seamlessly. Have the next blockbuster idea? NA. Equipamentos can take care of all your lighting needs.

Since their products are primarily used in theaters, performances (indoors and outdoors), and even television, this company can get you all sorted out when it comes to LED lighting for these sorts of events.

  1. P1LED


P1LED is a name that is quite familiar to people in the industry. They are one of the first companies that sell lighting and LED equipment for commercial purposes. So, that means all kinds of lighting for shops and businesses; P1LED is your go-to!

They have been in the business for more than 12 fruitful years, and there is no sign of slowing down. They use some of the best manufacturers to give you imported products that do not skimp on quality whatsoever.

  1. Radius Displays

Radius Displays

Radius Displays is one of the best bets for premium large-scale LED solutions. It is one of the biggest LED screen suppliers in Brazil. They started their journey in 1995 and gathered quite a reputation for their reliability and performance.

Radius Displays’ products will perform admirably for any large-scale advertisement and outdoor display lighting. Their client base is impressive, with big names like Louis Vuitton, The Coca Cola Company, and Forever 21.


3. How To Select The Best LED Supplier?


Picking a supplier from a curated list of the top names is easy. However, if you want to make sure the supplier you choose will work for you, there are some factors you need to keep in mind.

Here are some essential aspects you need to look for before pulling the trigger on a LED supplier.

  • Quality and Reliability
LED Display Screen Suppliers In Brazil
LED Display Screen

This bit is non-negotiable. You cannot skimp on the quality and reliability of the product no matter what.

The last thing you want is to pay a premium for a product you thought was good quality only to have it break on you a couple of weeks later.

That will be a complete waste of money and not to mention time.

Some LEDs might look the same, but the quality can be challenging to determine. That is why it is crucial to go with a trusted name.

You need to look for the right hue, color, and light output.

Checking all these before settling will ensure you get what you pay for.

  • Volume and Time

Every supplier will have a different supply capacity. You want to double-check whether they will provide the volume of LEDs you need within the time you have.

Otherwise, whatever project or event you might be working on can be behind schedule. And that is not something you would want. Now, would you? So, check whether the supplier can provide you with the order within a particular time while not compromising quality.

  • Support
LED Display Suppliers In Brazil
LED Display

This one is crucial. Having a supplier that will give you good customer support throughout the process is such a convenience.

You do not need to jump through hoops to fix it when something goes wrong.

Make sure you check out what level of support they can provide. It also depends on your team.

If you have a team that is pretty technically versed in LEDs, then you might not need much support outside of buying the lights.

But if you need some extra assistance post-sale, then a supplier that will be there for you is something precious.

You can pick a company that gives you project assistance and helps with the installation or repair services.

  • Warranty

Warranty is somewhat related to support, but we wanted to mention it individually since it is essential. Good warranty coverage is a must-have for some peace of mind. When you go with a good and reputed supplier, there is no worry about the product breaking down.

But anything can happen at any time. And if your LEDs break down for some reason within a warranty period. Getting them replaced will be just so much easier for you. You will thank yourself for going with a supplier that can give you good warranty coverage.

  • Brand Value and Name

Lastly, we have brand value. Going with a supplier with some brand value will take care of many things we just mentioned above. A good brand will not give you a defective or low-quality product.

So, when possible, always go with a name brand you can trust. They usually have the most customer service and should be the safest option.


4. Manufacture Your LED With YUCHIP For The Best Quality


If you are looking for a trusted and premium LED manufacturer, YUCHIP is your one-stop shop for it. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to manufacture high-quality LEDs for all sorts of applications.

We started our journey in 2004 and are headquartered in Shenzhen, China. We manufacture LED displays for all sorts of applications like outdoor/indoor events, LED wall controllers, posters, flexible displays, rental LED displays, and much more.

Our innovative factory covers 15,000 square meters where one of the most skilled workers manufactures LEDs for all of our clients. One thing that makes us reliable is our rigorous quality control procedures.

We can manufacture high-quality LED displays for Brazil’s top LED screen suppliers and even beyond that with such breakthrough facilities. YUCHIP’s reach truly is global.

YUCHIP LED Screen Brazil

After manufacturing every LED, they go through strict quality control. We test these LEDs for 72 hours before they are handed over to our clients to make sure these LEDs meet our high standards. YUCHIP’s members have decades of experience in the industry and are constantly trying to innovate and improve the products that so many clients love to use.

We have achieved many milestones over the years. YUCHIP built the biggest cricket stadium LED display in India. We even supplied LED displays to the World Expo in 2017. In 2019 we delivered 3.6 million LED balls for the Argentina National Museum.

YUCHIP is one the forefront of LED innovation. So, if you need high-quality LED displays, whether for a stage (Tele De LED Para Palco) or for a Church (Tela De LED Para Igreja), be sure to contact us today!


5. Conclusion


If you are new in LED technology or have a project that needs customer LED displays, then finding a good supplier can be difficult. But we sincerely hope that this article will come to your aid in finding the best-LED supplier in your location.

We hope you are interested in manufacturing your LED displays from us and ask your supplier to source displays from YUCHIP.

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