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1. Introduction


LCD Screen Manufacturers
LCD Screen

LCD (light crystal display) was one of the most significant leaps in replacing older display technologies such as projectors and bulky CRT displays. The invention of LCD allows digital display manufacturers to create much thinner technologies and deliver better performance.

The LCD industry started from small-sized displays in portable electronic products such as watches and calculators.

Then, it grew to become full-motion displays for personal computers and television receivers.

Now, LCD screen manufacturers can create large-sized LCDs used as billboards, advertising screens, and huge monitors.

It is the first technology that made it possible to develop large-format digital displays at a low cost. That is when LCD dominated the display industry.

Since its introduction in the market, consumers have used LCDs in different ways and purposes. It becomes a tool for many businesses to grow their brand and increase awareness. It also helps many users to achieve their digital display goals.


2. What Is An LCD Screen?


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The LCD screen is a type of flat panel display that uses liquid crystals in its primary operation.  If you look closely at an LCD screen, you would probably notice tiny blocks that make the screen images.

The flatscreen LCD screen uses millions of pixels to display pictures on a screen. Each of those blocks/pixels is a separate RGB (red, green, blue) light that turns on and off very swiftly to create moving colored pictures.

What controls the switching of lights? The liquid crystal, when applied with an electric voltage, rotates polarized lights.

Many people will say that the best feature of an LCD screen is not the way it projects pictures, but its flat and compact screen monitor. Since LCD screens generate photos in an entirely different way than previous technologies, they became flat enough to be hung or mounted, especially on a wall. And that became the best-selling point of LCD screens in the market.


3. What Are The Advantages Of LCDs?


Here are some of the best features the LCD screens can offer to their users:

Affordable. LCD screens are more affordable than the new display technology available today. It is one of the bestselling points of an LCD screen. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative for a visual display, an LCD screen is a sound choice.

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High Resolution. Contrary to popular beliefs, LCDs can deliver HD screen resolution. You can display 1080p visual content using an LCD screen.

Compared to projectors and CRT displays, the LCD screen offers far better screen resolution. You can expect images to be perfectly sharp at a native solution.

Excellent Color Quality. The newest LED screens nowadays deliver good picture quality because they use pixels to produce more natural lights. It gives the LCD screen a better ability to re-create colors across the spectrum.

Wide Brightness Range. LCDs have a wide brightness range and can produce super bright images because of their high peak intensity. They are suitable for a well-lit environment.

Energy Efficient. LCD HD displays are better screens in terms of power and energy consumption than plasma tv/displays.  They use up to 30% less electricity to operate.

No Burn-in. With LCD screens, screen burn-in will not be one of your problems. They are immune to this kind of problem.

Zero Geometric Distortion. LCD screens can display random images without warp, bend, or deformity in the display.

Long Lifespan. LCD screens don’t last forever, but they do last for a long time. A typical LCD may last for up to 60,000 hours of regular use.


4. How LCD Screens Remain Competitive In The Market?


LCD Display Manufacturers China
Touch Screen LCD

Even though new technologies have emerged that aim to replace LCD, manufacturers continue to invest in expanding and developing LCD production and its competitiveness in the market.

For many LCD panel manufacturers, investing in LCD is beneficial for maintaining LCD supply and the market.

The production of LCD technologies is mostly alive in neighboring Asian countries like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and of course, China.

The progressive migration of supplies from LCD screen manufacturers allows end-users from many countries to enjoy LCD products at a lower price.

After tracking the investments made in tools and equipment needed to produce display screens, it reveals that the LCD industry still has made the most investment. And in terms of numbers, LCDs remain at the top due to the emergence of various tech products like laptops, tablets, kiosks, screens, screens displays, etc.

It only proves that LCD screen manufacturers and users still see the value of LCD technology in today’s world, and they see it to stay that way.


5. What Is The Future Of LCD Screens?


As you know, LCD is a very flexible technology. You will be amazed by its ability to continue reinventing itself. That is one of the reasons why it remains in demand even after new challengers are introduced in the market.

As new technologies emerge, questions about LCD integrity have also arisen, prompting LED screen makers to develop new features that will show LCDs versatility.

LCD Display Manufacturer
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Since its launching more than 20 years ago, LCD screens have improved their performance and quality. LCD screens can now compete in terms of resolution, contrast, refresh rate, and screen brightness.

The most recent development in LCD technology is the organic LCD (OLCD) which allows LCD screens to overcome flatscreen limitations and welcome curved screens. It is an adequate replacement for glass LCD screens to make the display thinner, lighter, and more durable.

The OLCD is set to transform the way users view LCD screens around the world. This innovation will make LCD applications more flexible. It is expected to make a positive impact on the demands of LCD screens.


6. What Are The Top LCD Screen Manufacturers?


LG Display is one of the most known brands globally to produce LCD panels used in various electronic devices such as cellphones, laptops, televisions, tablets, etc. It is headquartered in South Korea.

LG Display
LG Display

They have eight (8) manufacturing plants in South Korea and have production and trading institutions in the USA, Europe, Japan, and China. They also have an assembly plant in Poland and another two in China (Guangzhou and Nanjing).

As one of the world’s top manufacturers and producers of LCD modules, LG Display has committed to delivering world-class module products in each country they penetrate. Their dedication is centered on developing and creating active-matrix modules.

Another impressive achievement of this company is being one of the official partners and LCD providers to various famous computer brands such as HP, Apple, Lenovo, Sony, Dell, and Acer.

Other display products LG display offers:

  • OLEDs
  • Flexible Displays
  • TFT-LCD Panels


Samsung is another LCD manufacturing company that is well-known worldwide. Above all, Samsung Electronics is South Korea’s largest electronics company. It is also the most significant subsidiary of Samsung group of companies.

Best LCD Panel Manufacturer

Also, it is known for being a leader in technology innovations and using the most advanced technology in developing new products. They are so influential in the field of technology they can create new demand and high-end markets.

But this success of Samsung did not happen overnight. Since the late 1990s, the company has worked hard to produce product innovations and technology development practices and strategies that paved its way to the top. And until now, it is not showing any sign of slowing down as one of the best suppliers of LCD panels and modules globally.

Other display products they offer include:

  • LED panels for television and large monitors
  • Laptop and computer monitors
  • OLED TV Panels
  • Boards for Smart Screen/TV


Innolux is the third-largest flat-panel maker in the world. It is a company that specializes in producing LCD panels. It was founded in 2003, which was formerly known as Chimei Innolux.

LCD Screen Manufacturers List

In 2010, it merged with Tong Bao Optoelectronics Company and Chi Mei Optoelectronics Company. It was the most prominent/biggest merger that ever happened in the display panel technology industry.

Currently, they have 14 manufacturing plants in Taiwan (central plants) and China (other plants). Each of their plants can manufacture technologies from 3.5G to 8.5G.

Innolux offers various display integration solutions such as 3D naked eye display, OLED, 4k, 2k ultra-high resolution. Their wide range of LCD panel products is widely used in computer monitors, tv, automotive, etc.

One of the main goals of the company is to contribute to the prosperity of its customers. Some of their well-known clients are HP, Bronko, Panasonic, Lenovo, and Tesla.

Display products Innolux offers include:

  • LED Panels
  • Open Cells
  • Touch Modules


AUO or AU Optronics is a company in Taiwan that focuses on delivering optoelectronics solutions. The AUO company views itself as a leading provider of intelligent vertical solutions equipped and powered by high-quality display technologies.

AU Optronics is a proud company with a full range of product lines across all kinds of LCD panel modules suitable for any size. Since 2008, the AU has been committed to providing energy-efficient products that support 3.5G – 8.5G products, tight integrations between hardware and software, and Internet-of-things solutions.

AUO Display

Sustainability is an essential notion for this company. Hence, they are taking steps to integrate green solutions into their module products for better sustainable development.

AU Optronics operates in Singapore, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Europe, and China. While their manufacturing plants are in the countries mentioned above, their leading factories are in Taiwan.

Some of the display products they specialize in are:

  • Micro-LED
  • Solar Modules
  • TFT-LCD panels
  • Flexible AMOLED panels
  • Low-temperature Poly-silicon TFT-LCD displays


Sharp is another familiar name when it comes to electronics. It was labeled as the “father of LCD panels.” They developed the first liquid crystal display and the first calculator that uses LCD. Since its establishment in 1912, Sharp has actively expanded its expertise to improve people’s living standards.

LCD Display Module Manufacturer

Also, Sharp is a staple name in many countries worldwide, offering tried and tested home appliances, information products, and mobile phones.

Most of their consumers are impressed by their high-quality technology. The company produces intelligent TVs and LCD televisions with technologies that support 4k and 8k Ultra HD displays for a superb viewing experience.

Sharp has several manufacturing factories in its native Japan, Poland, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Sharp’s success is attributed to its sincere work and creative mindset to obtain fruitful progress for all stakeholders.

Some of the display products Sharp is producing are:

  • TFT-LCD panels
  • Video Walls
  • Interactive Displays
  • Windows Collaboration Display


LCD Screen Makers
Chungwa Picture Tubes

The Chungwa Picture Tubes (CPT) has over 40 years of expert experience in the massive production of CRT and TFT technologies.

They have impressive research and development knowledge in display technology. Besides, they have introduced high-quality products that meet users’ expectations for visual displays.

They have mass-produced video products with advantageous features such as wide viewing angle, responsive interface, high color saturation, and more. The company is dedicated to innovating creative all-around optoelectronic solutions.

The company continues its effort to improve both its products and services’ quality.

Display products offered includes:

  • Touch Panel
  • CRT and Its Components
  • Flat Display Facilities


Toshiba is a multinational company with a history of more than 130 years. It holds a wide range of businesses in construction, appliances, digital products, and electronic components. Also, Toshiba is known for having the most extensive research and development institution in Japan.


Toshiba created many “world firsts” and improved people’s lives through its infinite technological innovations with its long years in the industry.

Modern Toshiba display products now incorporate AI and IoT for a more innovative product experience.

Toshiba offers the following display technology products:

  • Self-service Kiosks
  • Industrial Signages
  • Computers and Netbooks
  • Computer Television Sets
  • Augmented Reality Displays
  • Outdoor Advertising Signages/Displays


BOE Display was founded in 1993. It is also a well-known provider of IoT products and services. Their display products are widely applied in various industries such as transportation, education, arts, medicine, etc.

BOE Display

To date, it is China’s largest display panel manufacturer. Their display products are widely used for smartphones, laptops, computers, television, tablets, wearable electronic devices, vehicles, and medical equipment.

The company’s success is mainly owed to its innovative technologies and impressive manufacturing lines. They have research and development centers and international marketing units in 19 countries and regions, including the USA, UK, India, Singapore, UAE, etc. Some of their famous clients are Apple, Huawei, and Motorola.

  • BOE display products include:
  • TFT-LCD Panel/Module
  • UHD Display Screens
  • LCD Backlight Units
  • Solar Panels
  • OLEDs


LCD Panel Manufacturers

Meanwhile, Kyocera started in 1959 as a manufacturer of fine technical ceramics and slowly ventured into developing consumer electronic products as years passed by.

Kyocera’s success in the display industry had boomed even more when it acquired the Optrex Corporation in 2012.

This acquisition allowed the company to open R&D centers that broadened its productions, market, and sales.

Today, Kyocera’s products include semiconductor components, passive electronic components, optoelectronic products, and more.

Its goal is to become the top manufacturer of display technology in China and the world.

Display technology products offered by Kyocera are:

  • Touch Screens
  • TFT LCD Panels
  • Automotive Display Panels
  • Display Module Capacitors


Tianma Microelectronics is an innovative technology company (established in 1983) that offers various LCD solutions and service support to customers worldwide. This Chinese company is among the world’s best LCD screen manufacturers that specialize in developing display solutions.


The company has mastered flexible displays, 3D displays, transparent displays, touch-controlled displays, etc.

Tianma Microelectronics has assembly facilities in various places in China and another one in Japan. Aside from this, they also offer sales and technical support in the USA, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Hongkong, etc.

Some of their best display products are:

  • Oxide-TFT
  • 3D Displays
  • Transparent Displays
  • Active-Matrix Displays


7. How To Do LCD Display Connection And LCD Display Control?



To help you more assemble and connect the LCD for your home use or personal use, below is a helpful video.

Below, we lay down the steps in chronological order.

  • Back Bracket Installation

1. Prepare the telescopic fixed bracket and the LCD.
2. Confirm the screw holes.
3. Install the telescopic fixed bracket.
4. Adjust the length of the bracket screw to adjust the screen balance.
5. Adjust the bracket accordingly.

  • Signal Cables And RJ45 Cable Connection

1. Through an HDMI cable, connect the video source computer to the input HDMI port of the video sub-controller.
2. Using the HDMI cable, connect the LCD screen to the output HMDI port of the video sub-controller.
3. Connect according to the installation order of the display.
4. Through a USB cable, connect the computer to the RS2332 input port to the video matrix sub-controller.
5. Connect RS232 input port of the video matrix sub-controller and LCD screen.
6. The RS232 output of the LCD screen should be connected to the RS232 input of LCD screen two, while the RS232 output of screen two should be connected to the RS232 input of screen 3

  • LCD Screen Splicing And Debugging

1. Open the software and connect to the screen through the serial port in the communication settings
2. Set the number of screens per row and column in the splicing settings.
3. Select all screens, then click “SUPER USER” Login (Password is 123321).
4. Click ID setting, then click “Generate Identification Code.”
5. Set the identification code, then close the menu.
6. Click the matrix setting in the settings.
7. Select “FLOWVIA” in the HDMI matrix and select ten as the input channel.
8. Select all screens and click “Open Connection.”
9. Select the video source on the input channel, select all screens, and select HDMI signal.

  • Query Machine

1. Install the debugging software on the inquiry machine.
2. Connect the video matrix sub-controller through the USB port to debug the screen.
3. Select the playback area to add and play different video sources in the case of multiple video sources.

  • Replacing The LCD Panel

1. Insert the cable from the broken LCD panel to the corresponding interface.
2. Install the back frame bracket.
3. Connect the control card cable.

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8. How To Choose A Reliable LCD Screen Manufacturer?


LCD Screen Supplier


How many LCD screen manufacturers are there? It is pretty hard to answer as the LCD screen manufacturers list is long. As you may know, as the demand for LCD is excellent, the number of LCD module manufacturers and retailers has also increased.

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