Top XR LED Screen Suppliers In China


I. Introduction


XR LED screen is a new technology in the market that significantly eases film and movie productions. It provides a more straightforward method of making fancy scenes possible without the need to risk travel due to pandemics. This technology is newly introduced in the market, and you’ll likely see minimal information about it.

XR Virtual LED Screen
XR Virtual LED Screen

However, if you’re a film producer seeking an XR solution for your movies and stunts, here’s a quick guide we can give you, and in this article, we’ll feature the top 5 LED screen suppliers in China.


II. Top XR LED Screen Suppliers In China


XR LED screen or XR virtual LED is a new technology and a newly developed LED screen solution. It was introduced to the industry years ago; however, its utilization increased during the pandemic.

Films and movie producers had to choose XR LED displays as an alternative option knowing that traveling to places for shooting became prohibited. In many cities and countries where the pandemic had its surge, the field industry is one of the aspects that suffered the most.

XR Stage LED And Filming
XR Stage LED And Filming

XR LED screen offers a wide range of advantages as you can use them in leveraging film stunts, background, and more. You can use them to replace green screens, and when partnered with reliable tangible parts, the result is more apparent and astonishing.

A green screen is a widespread option for most sci-fi movies we know. Its use started many years and decades ago. In a green screen movie scene, actors act and perform while wearing some costumes in a green environment, which editors will animate and replace with moving backgrounds. It is, perhaps, cost-saving; however, it looks timid, and actors often find it boring filming in the said scene.

XR LED screens typically have a small pixel pitch, and even if you have it customized, its range of pixels is still low or negligible. This is because small pixel pitch screens have better resolution, and we design them for closer viewing, such as in the case of filming. So, expect some worthwhile price range on this product as providers craft the XR virtual LEDs carefully and technically.

If you’re interested in having an XR LED screen to ease your TV shows and movie shooting, it is essential to choose a trustworthy provider. Furthermore, here’s a mindful list of top XR LED screen suppliers in China.

  • AOTO

The AOTO Electronics Co., Ltd, known as AOTO, is a specialized R&D, production, and marketing company founded in 1993. They provide various professional services for LED products. AOTO Electronics has 17 member companies with four overseas subsidiaries in the past two decades.


The AOTO’s XR LED screen provides various features and advantages such as rapid screen switching and real-time composite preview, greater creative possibility, cost-saving production, a fully immersive experience, and more. Their XR LED studio screens have been utilized in US, Korea, and Germany projects.

Here’s a summary.


Products and solutions offered: All-in-one LED Display, Fixed Installation LED Display, Rental LED Display, Creative LED Display, Software, XR Studio, TV Studio, Events, Transportation, Digital Media, Control Room, Conference Room, Sports, High-end Retail.

  • ROE Visual

ROE Visual, or the Radiant Opto Electronic Technology, was founded by Jason Lu in 2006. You can find them in Shenzhen, China.
In 2009, the company had a massive breakthrough after being selected for the Bon Jovi tour after introducing the Linx at the LED China show. The following year, ROE Visual entered the rental LED screen market.
The ROE Visual XR LED screens debuts virtual production at Cannes Film Festival and will be contributing to a soon-to-open XR stage in Tokyo.

ROE Visual

Here’s a summary.


Products and solutions offered: Indoor, Outdoor LED displays, Film/XR Stage, Rental, Fixed Installation, Creative, Processors, LED screens for Virtual Production, Touring and Festivals, Theatres, Hoese of worship, Sports events, and more.


INFiLED or the Shenzhen Infiled Electronics Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in manufacturing and developing large LED video equipment. It was founded in 2009, and the following year, it became the supplier of LED screens for the 2010 Fifa World Cup in South Africa. Two years later, the company expanded its manufacturing site to an area of 10,000 sqm. In 2014, they established their European branch office and supplied a 300 sqm LED display for Beijing Wangfujing Street.


Meanwhile, INFiLED’s XR LED screen has the following advantages: virtual engine real-time rendering, immersive simulated lighting, and production in advance. It also has a faster scene switching, easier to get into a play, low production cost, time-saving, and reduces shooting time by 50%.

Here’s a summary.


Products and solutions offered: Rental, Fixed, Creative, Sports, Customized, Retail Solutions.

  • Absen

Absen or Absen Optoelectronic Co. Ltd is a China-based LED display solution provider founded in 2001. It is a renowned and leading provider with significant experience in providing high-quality, reliable products such as XR LED studio displays. Also, some of their noticeable projects are evident in events, including NBA games, FIFA World Cups, Times Square, and some presidential debates.

Absen LED

Absen’s one popular solution is the XR virtual LED, which features color reproduction, reduced reflection, and moire-effect. It also has low latency plus Genlock, has a high frame rate, HDR, has 16-bit, ultra-high refresh rate, and has DCI-P3 color gamut.

Here’s a summary.


Products and solutions offered: Commercial displays, data visualization, DOOH, Rental and Staging, Conference, LED Displays for Virtua Production, Corporate, Billboard, Public Events, Control Room, Sports, etc.


YUCHIP, or the Shenzhen YUCHIP Lighting Co., Ltd, is a known LED display provider in China and globally. Among its noticeable projects are various churches, rental events, and sporting events globally. It includes the 2017 FINA World Championship and the 23rd ASEAN Summit in Brunei.


YUCHIP’s XR virtual LED utilizes MCTRL 4K, MX40 Pro, A10s Plus, and other reliable controllers for coherent results. Furthermore, YUCHIP’s XR LED display has the following advantages; clear and rich color display and a firm structural design. It also has significant backup engines and solutions, frequency doubling, Genlock phase offset adjustment, etc.

It is among the most trusted XR LED screen solutions. Furthermore, we power it with dependable and user-friendly software, is cost-effective, and will indeed leverage your TV or film productions.

Here’s a summary.


Products and solutions offered: Transparent LED screen, LED poster, outdoor LED screen, indoor LED screen. Outdoor and indoor rental LED displays, HD, flexible, LED display ball. Church LED screen, stage, advertising, retail, stadium, trailer, trade show, transportation, school sign, hospitality, theater, 3D LED display, etc.


III. Conclusion


China is home to hundreds and even thousands of manufacturers and providers of various products. And when it comes to several LED screen suppliers, China is also topping the list.

Many Chinese companies offer you various LED screen products and solutions. However, it is wise to know which is reliable. Also, some tips we can give are to check the track record and communicate properly. Above all, reach your target provider ahead of time and know the price range and feedback.

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