Transparent Video Wall
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Transparent Video Wall

YUCHIP is a reliable partner you can trust when manufacturing highly stable, lightweight, energy-saving, and magnificent transparent LED video walls.

Our professional team and engineers will help you customize the size and specifications to meet your transplant window, building, or establishment installation.

Some of our transparent LED video wall projects are P10.4 and P7.8, exported in Europe. Should you be interested in getting a transparent LED video wall, please click the button below, or message us at

Transparent Video Wall To Leverage Your Business Vicinities

You’ll surely need a transparent video wall to create an immense overall visual impact for your vicinity. A pleasing video wall applies to all kinds of establishments.

YUCHIP’s professionals and engineers perfectly designed the transparent LED video wall to meet various installations and cope with direct sunlight. A transparent LED video wall is lightweight and has 75-90% transparency establishing a fine view of behind-screen objects.

It is an adequate substitute for large video walls that are somehow dangerous during uncertain weather, such as typhoons, because of their weight. On the other hand, the transparent video wall offers see-through and air-through effects, which are suitable for the cooling of the whole system, especially after 24/7 use.

(What Is A Transparent LED Screen?)

YUCHIP Catalog

YUCHIP Stadium, Sports, And Perimeter Screens

  • Stadium LED Screen

    YUCHIP unique designed stadium LED screens are famous for perimeter, scoreboard, and ribbon LED in arenas, stadiums, pitches, pools, etc. YUCHIP stadium LED screen has many pixel pitches.

  • P4.8 LED Screen Stadium

    P4.8 LED Screen Stadium may come in the average size or as a large stadium LED display screen. And you can use it for various purposes, for example, scoreboard, timeclock, and advertising.

  • P16 Arena LED Screen

    P16 Arena LED Screen is of high resolution 3906 pixels/㎡ for outdoor advertising LED billboard use. It has a high contrast ratio of 4000:1, LED panels display vibrant and actual color sports.

  • P10 Football Perimeter LED Display

    P10 Football Perimeter LED Display modernity and dynamism successfully help enhance your club image and unlock advertising revenue.

  • Rental Perimeter LED Display

    Rental perimeter LED Display Screen is a type of LED Display designed for sporting events, live broadcasting, and commercial advertising. It is best with sporting events that are done seasonally.

  • P16 Outdoor Stadium LED Screen

    P16 Outdoor Stadium LED Screen is of most popular choice since electronic LED sign is developed.

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