TREM Church LED Screen: YUCHIP’s Project


1. Introduction


Church LED Screen Nigeria
Church LED Screen In Nigeria

Church LED screen is now becoming very prevalent globally. Its uses and applications are continuously urging and developing. Before, LED screens were only applied in businesses, government offices, and events as they made jobs and services a lot easier and straightforward. Today, LED screen use has entered a different height. We can see LED screens almost everywhere.

Churches are important areas for us. Whether we are on the same religion, congregation, or different, we respect and beliefs. And for some, the aspect of making the churches quite engaging is necessary. And today, many communities are already investing and spending in having a church LED screen as it has many advantages, benefits, features, etc.

Furthermore, we feature a recent project of YUCHIP that utilized a church LED screen for TREM Church in Lagos, Nigeria.


2. TREM Church LED Screen Project Details


TREM Church LED Display
TREM Church LED Display

YUCHIP recently concluded a project utilizing a church LED screen for the TREM Church in Lagos, Nigeria.

YUCHIP is a trusted Chinese brand that has 17 long years of expertise and experience in the field.

We have provided various conventional LED screens to businesses, establishments, schools, events, and even religious gatherings and areas.

TREM Church, perhaps, is an evangelical church located in Lagos, Nigeria.

TREM stands for The Redeemed Evangelical Mission church, whose founder is Mike Okonkwo preaching over 180 TREM branches around Nigeria.

He also lectures in ten countries in the world. The TREM Church was founded on January 4th, 1981 and now has a pastoral staff of almost 200 men and women preaching locally and globally.

The TREM church is a vast congregation in the country as it has more than 180 branches in Nigeria and worldwide.

Here are the project details below:

  • It utilized a P3 LED screen; low pixel pitch, which means high-resolution and quality image display.
  • The P3 LED screen is perfect for close viewing and has convenient features for adjusting, playing content, etc.
  • It has a total size of 56 sqm.
  • The church location is Anthony Village Rd, Somolu 102216, Lagos, Nigeria.


3. Why Do You Need A Church LED Screen?


Church LED screen offers various advantages and benefits to your congregation and religious events. It provides an overall appealing visually and helps you convey messages easily. Its installation may also differ from hanging, wall-mounted, etc.

It can be installed as a front screen, side displays, or rear board design and as welcome signage along with the door or gate of the church.

Here are some of the uses of a church LED screen.

  • Song Lyric Board

A church LED screen is often used as a song lyric board to display lyrics of praise songs so everyone can sing along with the choir. In this way, people or the faithful can easily remember and go along with various activities alongside singing and praising acts.

  • Message Display

You may use it to share various information about the church. You can post quotes for the week for a specific event that people can commemorate or relate to their lives. In this way, teaching and preaching can be more accessible and efficient.

  • Announcement Board

Churches do have announcements, and the church LED screen can play as a medium for sharing vital information. There’s no need for a verbal notification as long as the LED screen is placed well where everyone can see the content.

  • Liturgy Discussion

The church LED screen supports various file formats so you can play videos, images, slides, presentations, texts, and more. In this way, it will be a lot easier for you, for bishops or pastors or preachers, to teach liturgy or the Word of God to everyone.

  • Welcome Signage

It can also serve as a welcome board and display various content, including announcements, short messages, pastoral directory, schedule of events, and a lot more. Besides being visually appealing, it can also persuade people to enter and be part of your church and service.

Apart from these mentioned applications and uses, you may utilize a church LED display in many conventional ways or what the location or the project requires.


4. Where Can I Find Quality A Church LED Screen For My Project?


When it comes to quality church LED displays, there’s nowhere to go but YUCHIP. YUCHIP is a reliable and dependable brand from China with church display projects across various continents.

We have skilled engineers and a professional R&D team to help layout the design you want, customization of sizes and design, installation, and manufacturing. Also, we will update you on the various whereabouts during the production process.

YUCHIP has finished numerous projects, especially in Nigeria, as we have partners and distributors. Should you have questions and inquiries regarding our church LED display, please send us a message.

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