Triangle LED Screen P2.6 hX Series For Smart China Expo 2022



YUCHIP has been invited to many expos, trade shows, and exhibits worldwide. It signifies our international camaraderie with different companies in the same industry. And also strengthened our friendship over the years.

Creative Triangle LED Screen

Expos and trade shows are not new to the LED display manufacturing industry. These events are not only for strengthening connections but also help every company to establish a great identity on the international platform. Like us, in YUCHIP, through various events, we gathered, developed, and learned more breakthroughs that we apply to our products.

It has been a few months since our last attendance at an expo, and luckily, this year, we got to see the Smart China Expo 2022. In the event, we provided a triangle LED screen from the P2.6 hX series. You may check the details below.

The Triangle LED Screen P2.6 hX Series And Smart China Expo 2022

YUCHIP provided a massive LED screen for the Smart China Expo 2022. The details are below.

  • It utilized a creative triangle LED screen.
  • The LED screen has a pixel pitch of P2.6.
  • It has a total size of 200 sqm.

Triangle LED Screen

The triangle LED display is installed, covering columns. Apart from that, we also provided a massive stage LED display with flat panels.

The Smart China Expo 2022 is an event that promotes the exchange of technologies among various industries and companies. It is a high-end platform that helps deepen connections, friendships, and mentorship among international tech industries.

The event had a theme of “Smart Technology: Empowering Economy, Enriching Life” and was held on August 22-24, 2022, in Chongqing, China, through online platforms.

Meanwhile, the expo invited Nobel Prize and Turing Award winners to participate. It opened up goals with academics, enterprises, and expert elites from home and abroad to discuss various projects. The projects focus on building a world-class intelligent network and a new energy vehicle industrial cluster in Chongqing.

The said event could land 1 billion RMB as investment contract value for 54 projects focusing on strategic emerging industries. There is also another 83.3 billion RMB designated for the 18 projects focusing on boosting the parts and components industry, which will help the industrial chain to move further. Other contract signings are for software and information, which has 14 projects and an investment value of 33 billion RMB, and 22.4 billion RMB for the 13 projects in the electronics and equipment industry.

The hX LED Screen Series And Its Features

YUCHIP introduces our new product series, the hX LED screen. It utilizes new and premium technology and offers various features and advantages, such as below.


  • Flexible

The hX series includes 90-degree angle installation and curved or circular designs. With its rigid yet flexible panel, you can easily bend them over and fix them in various positions following your desired format and installation. Its flexibility lets you creatively lay down the screen in a dynamic output, making it fashionable, appealing, and absolute.

  • Wide Pixel Pitch Range

Its pixel pitch ranges from P1.95, P2.6, P2.97, P3.91, P4.8, and higher. If you opt to have it for a crowded event and outdoors, we can design it for you. You’ll be given a wide choice to select the most suitable type for our project ideally.

P2.6 hX LED Series
P2.6 hX LED Series
  • Available In Rental Design

The hX series design in available in rental design. It has a location beam to attach screens horizontally easily and handles for easy carrying. It also has an interlocking mechanism that has two options. You can connect two panels in propelled locking, making it a flat panel or interlocking it by pressing a small beam downward that makes way for curved boards.

  • Premium Visual Model

Its visuals are exceptional whether you have a smaller mm pixel or a higher one. The hX series utilized black LEDs, which are premium for pixel and visual performance. It has higher contrast and color presentation, alleviating visuals in close and far areas.

  • Customizable Cabinet Size

The hX series comes in 500×500 mm and 500x1000mm cabinet sizes. However, because of its high-powered demand, we customize its cabinet sizes.


Triangle LED Display

The Smart China Expo 2022 is another breakthrough in almost all tech industries. It will help Chongqing achieve various goals and projects and spotlight companies in showcasing their contributions in the field.

Meanwhile, YUCHIP’s P2.6 hX series also positively viewed our company in the said event. We will indeed carry out and apply the lessons we had during the expo.

Do you have questions and inquiries about the P2.6 hX series? Here’s our email:

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